Wisdom Speaks: Life Lessons from Proverbs

Wisdom Speaks: Life Lessons from Proverbs

Book Cover: Wisdom Speaks: Life Lessons from Proverbs

by Tim Riordan

Have you ever wished for a “How To” book on life? God has given us one in the book of Proverbs. Thousands of years ago, God inspired writers to offer practical guidance for real-life issues. Join pastor and Bible teacher Dr. Tim Riordan on a journey through this book of wisdom where you will study one of the most read books of the Bible. He begins with help on how to study Proverbs and then offers a topical discussion on a variety of issues addressed in the pages of this cherished book of wisdom. You will enjoy Wisdom Speaks as a personal study or as a part of a small group or Sunday School class. Each chapter concludes with additional questions for personal application. Through Proverbs, wisdom speaks. Are you listening?

"Wisdom Speaks: Life Lessons from Proverbs" was chosen for the 2019 Christian Indie Award.

Reviews: Daniel P. McCue on Amazon wrote:

If you’re like me you have read Proverbs, most likely more than once. You have heard sermons speaking about many of the verses contained in the book. I bet you also tried to connect all the one and two-line nuggets of wisdom written before you.

Dr. Tim has taken Proverbs and arranged it into subjects that address our personal, family, and most importantly, our Christian life. He lays out thoughtful questions that provoke challenges for how you live and make daily decisions.

This book should make you desire to reread Proverbs and, most likely, want to read his book again. It did for me. Highly recommended.

C B McCloud on Amazon wrote:

Wisdom Speaks is a wonderful tool to help bring clarity to the book of Proverbs, which can seem disjointed and hard to understand beyond what might seem like a collection of "one-liners." If you are looking for a resource for individual study or for use with a small group, this may be what you need. Dr. Riordan takes life concepts such as wisdom, friendships, marriage, mercy, honesty, and arrogance and leads the reader through these topics from a Biblical perspective, supporting the discussion with the proverbs themselves and personal life experiences. At the end of each chapter are key points for meditation and discussion. The book is written so it can be read straight through or selectively by topic of interest. I highly recommend this book for personal devotion time, small group or simply for enjoyment.

Cynthia Simmons on Amazon wrote:

What an amazing book! I was seeking a book on Proverbs and came upon this treasure. The scriptures, the explanation of them, mixed with the personal experiences of Dr. Riodan made this an unputdownable book. I recommend this to anyone seeking how to go about understanding and striving for God's wisdom. This is a great companion along with your Bible. This book was full of so many thought-provoking nuggets. I especially liked the questions posed at the end of each chapter which caused you to seek inside yourself and to turn to God for the answers.

Dr. Tim Riordan is a pastor, a Bible teacher, and a student of scripture. He has spent most of his adult life in Georgia, though he has served churches in Texas and Alabama as well. He currently serves as the senior pastor of SonRise Baptist Church in Newnan, Georgia. After receiving a degree in music from the University of Georgia, he graduated with a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas and a Doctorate of Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tim enjoys backpacking and scuba diving and some of his favorite past times include camping with his family. He and his wife, Sandra, have six children and make their home in Newnan, Georgia. You can learn more about Dr. Riordan or contact him through his website at www.timriordan.me.

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