When the Lord Teaches

When the Lord Teaches

Finding your way out of every struggle

Book Cover: When the Lord Teaches
Editions:: $ 4.99 USD
Pages: 141

by Abimbola Adeoti

Problems in life are inevitable but how do we rise above them, or do we just suffer in silence?
Do you find yourself overwhelmed with life and despite all your efforts, you feel stuck and nothing seems to work? Or are you at the verge of giving up? Hold on…

“When the Lord teaches” provides you with practical, tested and proven solutions to whatever challenges you might be experiencing. This book reveals the principles of applying God’s teachings to find your way out of your struggles. Leaving no details untouched, He will teach you how to cope with any issue, and walk you through every hurdle you will face in life. Whether you are married or not, or a minister of God, a businessman, whatever you are, after you read this book, you will experience liberation and initiate a path to change. You are guaranteed positive results if you practice everything written in this book with diligence and discipline.


Reviews:Editorial Reviews wrote:

" I read the book yesterday and today and I'm very blessed. Congratulations on being the author of such a masterpiece" -Pastor Yomi Ajayi

"I read the whole book in the aircraft on a trip from Atlanta to Tampa...simple, racy prose, keep up the good work..."- Olaitan Adeoti
From the Back Cover
One of the most life changing prayers you can ever utter is "LORD, TEACH ME!"

You have to pass the tests of life; everyone must pass the tests of life. They are unavoidable! If you don't pass your test, you get stuck!

"When The Lord teaches," is the perfect book that reveals the importance of having a personal, unique and intimate relationship with your creator. It explains how to walk with God to solve every puzzle of your life as He teaches you EXACTLY what you need to do to move past being stuck and be a Masterpiece in every area of your life.

Do you have a teacher experienced enough to walk you through overcoming each test? Do you know how to deal with your marital and relationship problems, financial and health challenges, ministerial dryness....those life puzzles? Do you have a teacher for the inevitable, lonely paths of life?

After reading this book, you will not want to live another day without God's teaching. I have included short prayers and a journal page at the end of each chapter to help your study.

Welcome to your best life yet!

About the Author...

Abimbola Adeoti, a dynamic teacher and minister of the word of God, an intellectual masterpiece, a mentor, author and a lover of teens, youths and young adults/adults.

She has a clear mandate to help develop every believer to become a better person. Her blend of practicality and simplicity has given her an edge, made her unique and peculiar in the delivering of her messages.

She passionately takes the gospel everywhere she goes, helping to discover the hidden treasures in every believer and encouraging all to be the best God has called them to be. She is the founder of His Masterpiece Ministries, Inc.

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