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When the Heart Calls – Christian Book Club

When the Heart Calls

When the Heart Calls

Book Cover: When the Heart Calls

by Kristen M. Fraser

Claire Sallaway has lived with an unpredictable heart condition for most of her life. With a plan in place to manage her symptoms, she has been able to avoid any major health problems and live a relatively normal life. With work, church and friends, her life is indeed full. Or so she thought. Settled in her job as a forensic scientist, Claire is content with her comfortable suburban life - until the day her heart betrays her and a man with the most intriguing ocean-blue eyes steps in, turning her world upside down.

Aaron Thurnham is the answer to Claire’s prayers. With the handsome, fun and God-fearing man by her side, life is blissfully perfect and full of adventure.

Until it isn’t.

When tragedy strikes and dreams are shattered, Claire clings desperately to the fragmented remains of her life. Heartbroken, and with every good thing stripped away, she is faced with a choice. Will she become paralyzed by fear? Or will she listen to the still small whisper of God and place her heart in His hands?


About the Author

Kristen M. Fraser is a Christian fiction author, residing in beautiful Queensland, Australia with her husband and four children. She drinks way too much coffee, has a far too messy house and probably doesn’t get enough sleep. Aside from that, Kristen loves worshiping her Creator, running, spending time at the beach, and given a moment's solitude, curling up with a good book.

Kristen believes that everyone has a story to tell, and as such, takes inspiration for her writing from people’s everyday lives – their struggles and their successes. It is her prayer you will find encouragement and inspiration from her words.

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