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Weep Not for the Dead – Christian Book Club

Weep Not for the Dead

Weep Not for the Dead

Book Cover: Weep Not for the Dead
Part of the Starmada series:
  • Weep Not for the Dead

by Gina Burgess

Captain Clinton Kincaid is the first man to fly the Colber shuttle to Jastrow Station and back to Earth. His next mission is to Mars. Something goes terribly wrong. Then the Crothans interrupt his mission, and he is transported 200 years into the future, and only he and a specially trained crew can save Earth from the dreaded Draumans.

Humans met the first Crothan attempt at contact with violent, deadly force. Have they learned the lesson to resist violence in another first contact to Earth's detriment?

Kincaid and his crew’s first mission on the Starmada ship Discovery begins as a peace mission to establish an alliance between Croth and Earth, but the mission uncovers an ancient secret and a race bent on destroying Earth and its inhabitants. Is peace worth any sacrifice?

Reviews:Don Crabtree on Amazon wrote:

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Consider this. A space bound craft from our planet is destroyed in a ball of fire. The commander and only occupant goes missing.

The tale begins one hundred years later when Earth and human existence are caught in the middle of a struggle between two powerful alien forces, Crothans and Draumans. Somewhere beyond the solar system, the missing commander reappears in the hands of the Crothans. How did Clinton Kincaid survive? How could he be alive—or human? Those questions follow Kincaid as he is sent to rescue Earth and neutralize the evil aggression of the Draumans.

I believe this story offers science fiction buffs all that this genre offers. Action-packed, intergalactic battles, awesome weaponry, incredible technology, tension filled scenes, romance and the unexpected.

Replete with conflicts ranging from whether the planet will fall into evil hands to whether a Draumad prisoner will break under interrogation, kept me engaged. Kincaid and the cast of characters are well developed, some I liked, some were repulsive and others amused me. The scenes and action were easy to picture in my mind.

For me, the pace of the story was affected by the sections of backstory. No doubt, a backstory covering one hundred years would require more than a few paragraphs. I am not familiar with the expectations of Sci-fi fans. I acknowledge they may thrive on toying with the idea of a man living one hundred years and all that entails. My lack of familiarity with this genre, may indeed have influenced my reaction to the backstory elements and the rating I gave this book.

Anna wrote:

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
When the book first began, I kept picturing "Star Trek." The book has similarities, yes. I was intrigued at the Christian aspect of this book. The human characters believed in God, but the alien characters were only impressed by this God. They believed that he saved humans, but that is all. Burgess is a good writer, and I enjoyed her descriptions and fun twists. I give this a 3/5 rating because, though I enjoyed it, I thought that she spent a lot of time on the build-up of the crew on the "Discovery," and not as much time when it came to the all-human crews. But that is what a sequel is for, right? I, personally, would like to know more about Stoney's life. There are much similarities between Stoney and Clint. What are other similarities? Differences? I thought it was worth the read, but I felt that God could have been incorporated more.

Joan N. wrote:

It has been a while since I've read a good old swashbuckling science fiction novel like this one.

The year is 2051 and Captain Clinton Kincaid is on his way to Mars. He is suddenly transported 100 years into the future. He has been in the care of the Croth, a people who are now trying to preserve life on earth. They want to train Kincaid to make a mission back to Earth, to help humans restore extinct animals.

Time is of the essence, however, as there is another group racing to Earth. The Draumans want to enslave humans and repopulate the planet with their own people. Can Kincaid get there in time and convince the humans of his benevolent mission?

There is much to like about this novel. There is future technology including accelerated space travel, space stations, and ecto-brains. There are exciting space battles with narrow escapes and clever maneuvering of space craft. Overall, the action is great.

There is much to think about in the novel too. The Draumans' planet is dying so they must find another planet for their people. The inhabitants of Earth have not been good stewards of their planet either. It was good to see, however, that humans had finally learned some lessons about taking care of their habitation.

I was fascinated with the spiritual aspect of the novel. There is at least one territory that has outlawed Christianity. Believers had established a Christian community at an outpost, hidden from most means of detection. Even though they exist in temporary safety, the Christians are always in danger.

Add a good dose of humorous dialog and a little romance and you have a great science fiction novel in the style of the original Star Trek television programs. I loved it.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel from the author for the purpose of an independent and honest review.

Greg Brown wrote:

Weep Not for the Dead is an exciting sci-fi novel by Gina Burgess. If you appreciate shows like Star Trek or Stargate Voyager, you will enjoy this book. An evil race called the Draumans is seeking to conquer earth and enslave humans. There is a coalition of planets called the United Planet Alliance that keeps the peace in the galaxy. Croth, a planet in the UPA, selects, rescues, and trains five human leaders close to death and without family to save earth. These humans, led by Captain Kincaid, enter the UPA Starmada and work to achieve a peace treaty with humans before the Draumans conquer them.

This story has many fascinating aspects. It has romance, adventure, futuristic technology, and faith. Get ready for a fun-filled ride with Weep Not for the Dead by Gina Burgess.

Kathy E. Lehr wrote:

Format: Kindle Edition
I gave this book five stars! It reminded me of all the "good stuff" in my favorite sci fi movies all wrapped up in a really good plot. The human characters were believable and engaging and the aliens were sufficiently wise and cute (or coldly evil). This is an easy read and I think readers of all ages would enjoy it.

Gina Burgess has been writing a column at since 2006, and other publications as well. She’s been the Lifestyles Editor at her hometown newspaper, The Picayune Item, in Picayune, Mississippi, as well as an editor for several other publications, a managing editor for an online leadership magazine, and has been painting and drawing since she was 12 years old. She has been teaching Sunday School, Discipleship, and Bible studies since 1972. She has reviewed and critiqued hundreds of books and manuscripts, both fiction and non-fiction, since 2004. She is a professional developmental/substantive editor since 2013 after she earned her Master's at Spring Arbor University.

Gina’s heart is in encouraging her siblings in Christ through her writing, and trying to reflect God’s glory in this dark world. But there is always lots of room in her heart for her two grown daughters and their husbands, and especially for her three granddaughters Abby, Emmy, and Lily, and brand new grandson, Liam.

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