Book Cover: Waireka

by Sheila Donald

Waireka is a story of love and commitment set against the farming background of nineteenth century New Zealand. This historical romance follows Eliza’s journey from her home in Scotland all the way to Wellington, New Zealand, to be one of the first early pioneers, as she and her husband, Alister, set up a dairy farm. It’s a story of love and tragedy, hope and despair but most of all a tale of survival in the new country.

Reviews:Ann Ferri on Amazon wrote:

This is a very well written Christian historical romance. It grabs you on the first page and keeps you hooked till the end. Susan Donald's writing makes you feel like you are there. You can feel all of the emotions and see everything happening in your mind. You won't regret getting this book. I received this book as a gift. This is my honest opinion of this book.

Lady Rochford on Amazon wrote:

I was drawn to this book by the cover image and it was a totally different read for me. I have never been to New Zealand but I imagine that starting a new life anywhere is quite daunting. The struggles of a heroine settling in a different country rang true and I wondered if Lizzie would start to regret her desire for a new life thousands of miles away from what she was used to. If ever there was a ‘man’s world’, this is it. She does find love and happiness, but as to how she achieves that -vI’ll leave you to discover more for yourself. through the pages of the book.

J D Armour on Amazon wrote:

A brilliant combination of history and story. It gave me a real insight into the hardship that the early settlers to New Zealand indured and my attention was kept by the riveting ( and sometimes harrowing) plot. Hope that there is a sequel!

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