Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Life

Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Life

A Power that Transforms Lives

Book Cover: Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Life
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD

by Horace Williams, Jr.

From a Stroke survivor to an Award-winning author!

Do you desire to experience God's transcendent power in your life? God in His goodness rescued me from a dark and dangerous path my life was headed down. I have experienced His power in my own life.

Prayer is a mystery that we struggle to understand. Do you realize that your prayer life is a reflection of your relationship with Jesus Christ? Almighty God has given you access to to His throne of grace, and with that access, there is power! Power to transform your life and the lives of others.

In this award-winning book, you will read about some of the magnificent blessings available to you as you strengthen your prayer life while seeking God in prayer.

When you make prayer a priority and pray with purpose; God’s power will be revealed, and lives are transformed!  Are you ready to unleash God’s power in your life?

˃˃˃ There are so many blessings from an intimate prayer life with God.

Stronger faith, a closer relationship with God. You can have assurance that He hears your prayers, and you receive direction when you hear from Him. Talking with God gives you indescribable hope that will transform your life!

Reviews:Susan Neal on Amazon wrote:

The author clearly explains the power of prayer and the intimacy you receive with our heavenly father through it.

Horace relates prayer to his own experience of a debilitating stroke that left him paralyzed. But through the power of prayer, he is now able to walk!
Components of prayer are included in this book such as faith and obedience. Then he talks about actually hearing from God. What an ultimate experience to have the creator of the universe communicate with you.
Overall a five-star superior book.

Dawn Klinge on Amazon wrote:

Horace leads the reader through a step-by-step process of approaching prayer in a way that is accessible and straightforward and he uses scripture to back up his points. I enjoyed reading the personal stories of how prayer has impacted his own life throughout the book. I thought this book was well written and inspiring. I would recommend it to people who are new to the Christian faith as well as those who have been Christ followers for a long time.

Jack Magnus on Reader's Favorite wrote:

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Review Date: 12/24/16 Rating: 5 stars!

Horace Williams, Jr.'s non-fiction Christian Worship and Prayer book, Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Life: A Power that Transforms Lives, briefly and eloquently explores the benefits of prayer and the richness of having a personal relationship with God.
I was moved by his story and appreciated how he shared his own personal experiences throughout the book to help the reader absorb the import of his message. Williams answers a lot of the questions that many have about what prayer actually is, if it works, and why it may seem like God is not listening -- when in fact He really is.
The Scriptures Williams quotes work quite well with his topics, and the Power Point summaries are a great way to make sure you've gotten the full message of the chapter. As Williams states, prayer is much more than just repeating Hail Marys or The Lord's Prayer repeatedly.
A careful and reflective reading of this work will give the motivated reader a good starting point for establishing their own relationship with God. Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Life: A Power that Transforms Lives is most highly recommended.

From the Author...

In the world right now there seems to be turmoil everywhere we look. I felt the Lord leading me to write this book to shine as a beacon of hope for my brothers and sisters in Christ. We have access to God's power through prayer. He is waiting to hear from you. God loves you and He will shower you with blessings when you seek Him.

Take advantage of the opportunity you have to speak with God every day. Prayer is a privilege. Jesus's sacrifice on the cross has ripped the veil in two, and God wants you to approach Him in prayer.

Are you ready to access God's power by spending intentional time in His word and praying with purpose? You can break the chains of doubt, fear, and unworthiness that inhibit His power in your life.

I challenge you today. Plug in wholeheartedly to the power that is available to you and realize the same amazing power that I have experienced in my life.

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