Two Little Old Ladies

Two Little Old Ladies

by Susan York Meyers

"When your late husband worked downtown, thongs were something people wore on their feet," Lillybelle Maudine Granger told her sister, Annabelle Verline Kingston. Whether trying to imagine heaven ("Wouldn't a purple halo be nice?"), playing matchmaker for the youth minister, or helping a stressed-out young mother, this pair of seventy-something senior citizens tackle it with flair and humor. Because, for these two old ladies, it's all in the attitude!

A humorous, inspirational collection of vignettes, starring two elderly sisters

Reviews: L. Dennis on Amazon wrote:

I bought this book for my 87 year old mom's birthday. She loves it! She reads portions of it everyday. She loves how she can identify with the sisters in the book. It made a great gift!

Eva P. Scott on Amazon wrote:

Two Little Old Ladies gives glimpses into two sisters who are living together in the older years. They are not the boring type and their perspective on life gives you a lot to chuckle about while tackling serious subjects.

They have mishaps sometimes (driving in a parade by mistake, for instance); they face serious issues (such as gossip and death); they have fun (giving out candy at Halloween; and deciding whether to get their hair dyed an unusual color), but most of all they trust in God through it all.

Each chapter has a beautiful line drawing at the beginning that could be colored with pencils, pens or crayons.

The book has Haiku poetry, devotionals, thought questions (which could be used in a small group or class settings), a Scripture to go along with the subjects, and a short prayer.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and am going back through again coloring the line drawings.

Note: I received this book from the author, but I was not required to leave a review

Sandra G. Lawson on Amazon wrote:

This book is a quick read of humorous stories about two little old ladies. You can pick it up and enjoy it in bits between appointments or become totally engrossed and read from cover to cover as I did! I expected the short stories, but was pleasantly surprised to find a related scripture and prayer at the end of each one. Very nicely done inspirational book! I hope to see more from Susan York Meyers.

About the author

Susan is an award-winning author who lives in Oklahoma with her husband, son, and one spoiled dog.

Susan is the author of two early chapter books, Callie and the Stepmother and The Princess and the Pee and two picture books, Grrr...Night! and The Mystery of the Red Mitten. Grrr...Night!, won the 2015 Creative Women of Oklahoma award for writing.Susan's first adult novel, Two Little Old Ladies: It's All in the Attitude is a humorous Inspirational.

You can find out more about Susan and her books at

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