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Treasure Hunt – Christian Book Club

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Book Cover: Treasure Hunt

by Mark Huebner

Did the famous pirate, Captain Henry Morgan, really hide a treasure from his crew and everyone else? The journey continues when Nat and Ruth visit modern day Kingston, Jamaica … the site of old world Port Royal. Follow the clues with them in an adventurous mystery where they cross paths with a ruthless band of treasure hunters looking for the cache long rumored to have been hidden by Captain Henry Morgan himself.

The Barton Family Adventures are filled with Christian values and designed to be eBook adventures you can trust while connecting with the kid in everyone. They are a great read for parents, for your independent reader, or for everyone together as you read it aloud with the family. Middle grade readers, teachers, parents, and grandparents will all be pulled into the hunt for glittering gold pieces of eight from the very beginning.

Reviews: Lori B on Amazon wrote:

Great story! The author uses such descriptive words that I felt like I was there, right along with the characters, searching for buried treasure. I enjoyed following the characters on their believable adventure which is full of historical and geographical facts about the area. Seems like a great summer, or anytime, read for young and older adults. I would highly recommend this book for anyone!

Heather Kingsbury on Amazon wrote:

We read this book as a family and we all thoroughly enjoyed it!! We.finished it in three days as we wanted to return to reading to find out what happened next! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fun, wholesome book to read

Jonathan Yowell on Amazon wrote:

My daughter loved this book! She read it in three days and was asking for more books. Highly recommended for parents wanting to teach positive Christian values.

About the Author...

Mark Huebner

The inspiration for 'kilrB3 Media & Design' springs from Mark's experience in raising the three killer "B's" ... Brandon, Blake, and Brianna." Along with raising a family, for many years both Mark and his wife Donna have been very active with church youth groups and students from all walks of life.

Mark is currently involved with a College & Career class and has worked with young people, both teens and young adults, for over 20 years. He has held positions ranging from Junior Church programs to Youth Pastor, from school teacher to Athletic Director, and from summer camp to directing youth activities.

You can learn more at

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