This Babe So Small

This Babe So Small

Book Cover: This Babe So Small

by Jann W. Martin

A well-known story of the birth of Christ but told through the eyes of a seven-year-old girl whose family lives at the inn where Mary and Joseph came. This innocent child tells the story in a way that seems new to all of us. Her first-hand experience gives the reader a child's perspective on what it was like to be there for the birth.

Reviews: Marianne on Amazon wrote:

Very nice story with a unique perspective.

Julie Sutherland on Amazon wrote:

Wonderful book, thank you Jann!

Jann W Martin was born in Detroit, Michigan. She attended Michigan State University earning a Bachelor of Science in elementary education Then Trinity Seminary and commissioned as an Associate in Ministry.

In 2006 Jann received a call from God to write children's books through the eyes of a child. She currently has seven books published with many more to come.

She is also a public speaker and teacher to all ages.

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