There’s No One Like Jesus

There’s No One Like Jesus

Book Cover: There's No One Like Jesus

by Blake Western

While that is true, we can still point to the things that God has revealed in His Word. He is far greater than our greatest imaginations. He is fully God but also fully man. He not only created the universe, but He also holds it all together. He is both the sacrifice for our sins and our Great High Priest. He is ever the Pioneer, leading the way.

  • Do we look for a love beyond full human comprehension? There is no one like Jesus in His love.
  • Do we look for a power that can not only change us, but also change society? There is no one like Jesus in what He can do.
  • Do we look for one who knows the future and will lead us into the future? Jesus is the only one who can do that.

Jesus surpasses the greatest human beings in His character traits. He excels in all His ministries. He is unique from whatever perspective we look at Him. Here is a person who will never disappoint and will never bore us. He is new even though He is eternal.

If you want an anchor for all of life, Jesus is the only one dependable. There is no one more exciting, no one more wonderful, and nothing more beautiful than Jesus. Jesus is everything you will ever need, and He is more than everything you could possibly desire. He is "all in all" in one person!

Reviews:Todd Coburn on Amazon wrote:

If you know Jesus, then this book is for you. If you understand His beauty, Godhead, Majesty, yet manhood, then this is for you.

The book reads like a prayer, or a written song of praise. The writing is elegant, simple, clear, compelling, yet pregnant with truth. The Holy Spirit within me murmurs "Amen, Amen" as I read.

The principles are simple. Not mysterious at all. I find myself nodding as I read, thinking, "yes, yes, yes, I knew this". Yet there are other things. Things I knew, and know, but had never considered. Statements of Christ that are obviously true, yet had never scampered across my mind until Blake penned them. I love it when someone led by the Spirit reveals something that is so obviously true, yet had been previously outside my view, outside my thoughts, and therefore had been inaccessible to me.

If you love truth, and if the Holy Spirit indwells you, then you will probably enjoy basking in this book, and glorifying in our Savior.

Yet this book is not for everyone. If you do not know Jesus, you may find it repetitive. If you have not experienced His glory, you may find it too gushing with praise.

Imagine a man married to the most beautiful, attractive, loving and giving woman. He pours forth her praise daily. Words of praise and admiration intersperse each statement he makes. Those that know her nod and agree. Her children laugh and love their father's praise of their mother, and love to hear her attributes. Yet others are cool. Some are impressed by his love. Others admire his love for her. Others are a little jealous of it. Others suspicious of it, thinking no woman can be so fine. Others resent it, don't accept it, are offended that he would affront them with praise of one that makes them feel less praiseworthy.

In the same way, if you do not know or love Jesus, then this book will be a mild curiousity at best, an offense at worst. Yet if you do, and if the Holy Spirit indwells you, then I imagine you will be nodding, smiling, and feeling at ease, comforted, assured as you praise our God with Blake in this beautiful, gushing book of worship for the Son of God, our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Bask in our Savior. Savor His beauty and majesty. Absorb the truths of Jesus Christ' magnificence thru the pen and heart of Blake Western.

David on Amazon wrote:

This book is worth every penny. Blake's thoughts on Jesus remind us of the bedrock foundation of the Christian faith and swell our hearts with love for Him. This makes excellent devotional reading and could easily be used to develop a small group study or other class. 20 Chapters, 106 pages. It will motivate prayer and worship. A very refreshing read in an age marked by Christian fads, gimmicks, and quick fixes. Blake offers an inspiring study of the real Jesus of history and the Bible. I look forward to meeting the author personally some day in the presence of our Master.

Daniel W. Vale on Amazon wrote:

As I read Reverend Blake Western’s book, There’s No One Like Jesus’, I found that he wrote with short, powerful sentences, which helped to make the book enjoyable to read.
On the other hand, his book also is scholarly. In addition to his own stellar background over the last four decades, he quotes from 46 different authors in support of his assertions. He also wrote about scientific facts that support the divinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
I was surprised at and grateful for the description of the Trinity. Instead of adding 1+1+1 to get three, we should multiply 1X1X1 to get one.
Reverend Blake’s Biblical references, such as John 15:11 and John17:13, have helped me see Jesus as not only serious about his mission, but also joyous in the way he accomplished it.
I recommend reverend Western’s book as a way to know Jesus better.

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