The Will

The Will

by Mira F. DiNatale 

The Middleton's are a prominent, wealthy and aristocratic family. Adam and Maggie Middleton wanted to make sure that their land would be handed down and preserved for generations. Victor, the eldest son, always felt shunned by his father Adam. Max, the youngest adopted son, was Adam's favorite. Victor who was always in the shadows vowed to get revenge on Max after years of resentment. The reading of their father's will brings Victor's jealousy of Max to a breaking point. Victor's seething anger leads him on a vengeful path to destroy his brother's life. Mira F. DiNatale brings out in her book The Will what dark secrets can surface when a family's will is read. And will forgiveness and faith win out in the end?

Reviews: pbmsibiz on Amazon wrote:

A story of faith and family love with the added twists of mystery and intrigue. The Will keeps you guessing and when you think you figured it out, you realize you haven't. Must read for those who like a touch of mystery. Would make a great Hallmark movie!

KLI on Amazon wrote:

This was recommended to me by a family member. I couldn't wait to get to the next page. Would make a good mini-series.

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