The Two Worlds in Which we Live Physical and Spiritual

The Two Worlds in Which we Live Physical and…

Book Cover: The Two Worlds in Which we Live Physical and Spiritual
Pages: 113

by Evelyn Rozier

Because of this war in heaven, all humanity is presently engaged in spiritual warfare the battle between good and evil the body against the spirit.The battle between the body and the spirit is spiritual warfare the two worlds in which we live. Inside you will discover why and how the supernatural power God has prepared a path for life now and for eternity.

Reviews:Steven Samuel wrote:

The Two Worlds in Which We Live Physical and Spiritual by Evelyn Rozier is based on a Christian examination of the world we live in. The author begins this journey by first explaining God's plan for man right from the onset of creation, His unwavering love, and compassion for man. This progresses to the fall of man, how man yielded to the devil's temptation and committed the first sin, and God's ultimate plan to redeem humanity.

The book progresses to enlighten the reader on the significance of baptism, the necessity of the Holy Spirit to a believer and the consequences of living a sinful life in contrast to d rewards awaiting a steadfast believer. These scriptures and references may be well known by Christians’, but the author's unique perspective is what makes this book intriguing. The order in which the chapters of the book were arranged by the author was spectacular. Each new chapter was a perfect continuation of the previous chapter and resonates with every part of the book.

The author's points were simple and straight forward, but each was backed with relevant scriptural reference from the Christian Bible. The author's words were simple and direct yet carried a deeper meaning. The book may be a few pages long and a fast reader could finish it in a couple of hours but I would advise taking a few days to absorb what was read and meditate on it.

The book was thoroughly and properly edited. I found no major error. Kudos to the author for a book well proofread and edited. This book may be a Christian, but it shouldn't be limited to Christians only. Evelyn Rozier dedicated the book to all humanity, and I agree with her. I see this book not just as a piece of well-edited and entertaining literature but as a call to awareness for both Christian and non-Christians.

The Two Worlds in Which We Live Physical and Spiritual by Evelyn Rozier has earned a 4 out of 4 stars from me. I wouldn't rate it lower because of the impeccable nature of the book, its well-thought composure and literature. I couldn't find a thing I didn't like about this book. As stated earlier, I would recommend this book to every and anyone but if this is not your kind of book, I would suggest you do not read it. I look forward to reading more of her books.

Author Bio

I have a great sense of obligation in obedience to God and love for humanity to write the truth of how God makes us right with him now and for all eternity. Knowing the truth is not persuasive words but the truth is power. I have experienced Gods’ deliverance and I have Gods’ saving power sealed in my heart and I am confident I will spend eternity with him in heaven.

I was born into a Christian family and attended church on a weekly basis I heard my good sermons, but I always search for understanding into why and how. Why people suffered, why evil existed when God is good and is the ultimate power, how was Jesus Christ God and man and why he needed to die on the cross and how will I be sure I will go to heaven when I die and not go to hell knowing I did not have the ability to live a perfect life. I prayed to God for understanding and searched the scriptures for wisdom and knowledge. I thank God for the revelation, the answers given to me by his Holy spirit. I have written this book to share the beauty, love and power God has given to all that believe he is the all-powerful one true God.

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