The Truth Behind The Lies

The Truth Behind The Lies

Book Cover: The Truth Behind The Lies

by Jackie Weissner

•Do you feel Unworthy of LOVE?

•Did someone LIE to you? Is that Lie causing you DEEP PAIN?

•Are you feeling "STUCK" in Life?

This Inspirational and Spiritual Book will give you NEW HOPE and INSPIRATION over your life.

If you have been living a life filled with anxiety, depression, and a feeling of unworthiness and hopelessness, this book will guide you along a NEW PATH Filled with THE TRUTH and HELP you MOVE FORWARD in your Life.

I share my personal story of my 11 - month marriage and divorce journey and how God unveiled His Truth to me during that season. It’s Time YOU also learn THE TRUTH and experience:


Take the Keys I share, and get into action of transforming your life from pain to peace and love.

Reviews: Brenda Lou on Amazon wrote:

The Truth Behind the Lies is an honest look into the author's spiritual journey. From her days as a pre-teen when an insult was believed as truth, to her thirties when she was looking for love, all of it was part of the process. In the book are many steps that can be implemented today, along with her insights on how she felt as a beginner -which I really related to.

The keys that she mentions were powerful, and no one wants to get locked out of their house. One line that really stood out to me was:

"I know I am only one person, but what I do daily does matter."

It is the small daily steps we take on the journey that will have the most profound impact.

E.Theodore Aranda on Amazon wrote:

Pain and trials in my life have a way of seizing
control of me. I become preoccupied, distracted,
and hard to live with.

So for relief, I turn to self help books, the advice of friends,
and old vices to ease the pain and forget.

The "Truth Behind the Lies" chronicles a simple journey of transformation
through trial, heartbreak, and fear.
The author's journey inspires faith in a big God, who offers forgiveness and grace, and ultimately rewards the seeker with joy, peace, and love.
Truth liberates, and it is the central message of this book.

If you're looking for relief from your pain,
you might find answers in the Truth Behind the Lies.

A. G. Mogan on Amazon wrote:

I became so sad when reading that boy's words! It was if he had been addressing them to me! Then I read on and realised how some simple words have the power to hold one's life. To such an extent that you're no longer able to recognise the truth about yourself. This is a book about learning to live and respect yourself, to love yourself again, a book about breaking free from the former negative image you held about yourself, from the negativity coming from all around us. It is a book of struggle and, finally, a book of rebirth! Wonderfully written!

About the Author...

Jackie Weissner

Jackie is a Triplet. Jackie is passionate about helping others! She is a dental hygienist, proud auntie, loves the beach, lake or ocean view. Dreams of living in northern Wisconsin one day. Jackie has her radio tuned into country music or Klove and LOVES grilling out in the summertime and wine tasting year round!

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