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The Sword of Solomon – Christian Book Club

The Sword of Solomon

The Sword of Solomon

Book Cover: The Sword of Solomon

by Nick Gasaway

Col. David Jesse is a decorated war hero who is well-respected by his men. However, his son Solomon has a reputation for being a playboy while at college.

Following David’s death, Solomon is given a final charge by his father and a parting gift. A mysterious ancient artifact, a sword with the Star of David in pristine condition.

Through these two items, Solomon realizes he is called to a higher purpose, and upon displaying humility, like his biblical namesake, God promises him unparalleled wisdom and riches, which enables him to become the world’s first multi-trillionaire. Solomon uses these blessings from God to create and market amazing inventions that begin to alleviate most problems that create human suffering and unrest in the world.

However, these world-changing innovations have incurred the wrath of powerful governmental and other entities who fear the loss of control over the masses, resulting in a shadow government conspiracy to bring down Solomon’s empire.

Solomon realizes he is a chess piece in the ultimate struggle between good and evil as dark clouds gather heralding the return of Jesus Christ. The question is, will he be able to keep one step ahead of those who seek to take advantage of current world events we see in the media every day that have the potential for global chaos?

Reviews:Adam Paul on Amazon wrote:

A story is drawn from history ancient and current times with a twist. In history, Solomon was the smartest man of the time and his dad, David, was a warrior. Bring those men to current times and you have this book. Unlike some writers who present an idea and then spend to much time explaining details, this author lays out concepts and moves quickly on.

Bobby deLarios on Amazon wrote:

I'm looking forward to the next episode. The author must have had a fantastic dream and memory to write this

A life-long poetry writer, Nick Gasaway also enjoyed reading science fiction novels where technology was used to defeat the evil enemy. Having spent over twenty years working in high tech firms and defense contractors has provided the background for the many inventions described in this book. As the son of an Air Force Colonel, he traveled all over the globe and has incorporated aspects of military life within his novel about what it would be like if Solomon, the wisest and richest man who ever lived, were alive today. Teaching adult Sunday School classes in the Dallas area fueled his interest in the Bible stories of King David and his heir to the throne, Solomon. The concept for “The Sword of Solomon” came about from a dream and was created into a novel. “The Chosen” is a continuation of Solomon’s fight against evil forces.

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