The Runaway Prophet

The Runaway Prophet

Book Cover: The Runaway Prophet

by Michele Chynoweth

An ad mad is enlisted to stop a terrorist plot in a contemporary spin on the Bible story of Jonah that “will keep you riveted” (Delaware Today Magazine).

Rory Justice leads a relatively normal life as a conservative, divorced, a middle-aged executive for an ad agency. Until a deathbed wish by his father, a retired FBI agent, upends his calm world. He’s been asked to hand-deliver a sealed letter to the Las Vegas sheriff’s department. It details plans of a catastrophic act of terror: an underground nuclear bomb ready to be detonated in Sin City by a mad and ingenious band of extremists.

His instinct is to run. But seeing his mission to the end is providence. Joining forces with the FBI and police lieutenant Susan McAfree, Rory is suddenly thrust into a life for which he woefully unprepared. With only a matter of days to help uproot the insidious terrorists, and find the bomb, Rory is drawn deeper into a serpentine world of corruption, conspiracy, and impending catastrophe from which there may be no escape. And time is running out.

Reviews:Editorial Review on Amazon wrote:

The Runaway Prophet by Michele Chynoweth is an inspiring story that will entertain and enlighten readers. Michele Chynoweth is a master at creating powerful conflicts and the kind of suspense that makes the read even more gripping. This is a book I'll recommend to everyone looking for something thrilling and thought-provoking. - 5-STAR Review by Christian Sia, Readers Favorite International Book Awards

"...The Runaway Prophet will keep you riveted. With another novel that will put you on the edge of your seat, local author Michele Chynoweth delights again." Alexandra Karlesses, Delaware Today Magazine

Michael S. Law on Amazon wrote:

This is a really good story about redemption, despite how far a person falls. I especially loved the main character's internal conflict between choosing right and wrong. It seemed like a modern day story of Jonah of the Old Testament, who tried to run from his duty but found that his situation would only get worse, then would turn to make the correct decision after much tribulation. That is what I enjoyed the most.

John W Smith on Amazon wrote:

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the story of Jonah come to life in an unexpected way. The story flowed well, and I immediately thought about Jonah when Rory took off in the opposite direction that he was supposed to go. Of course, the title gives that away, but I liked the modern version of the beloved biblical story. It had some James Bond overtones, especially when trying to foil the nuclear weapon plot, and I found myself cheering for Rory throughout the story. I'm glad I took the time to read the novel. J.W. Kitson, author of Song of the Tree Frogs: A Novel Song of the Tree Frogs

About the Author...

Modern Day Bible Stories by award-winning author Michele Chynoweth bring stories in the Bible to life for today's readers with contemporary characters and plots so they can better understand and relate to God's messages of faith and hope. Michele's universally-appealing inspirational novels are filled with drama, suspense and romance and include "The Faithful One" based on the Book of Job, "The Peace Maker," based on the story of David and Abigail in the First Book of Samuel, and "The Runaway Prophet" based on the Book of Jonah.

Michele believes the Old Testament stories are often difficult to read and comprehend, so she hopes that re-imagining them in contemporary times with fiction that's fast-paced and entertaining will help readers appreciate them, understand God's messages and hopefully bring people back to the Bible itself. In addition to being an author, Michele is also an award-winning speaker and a college instructor of writing, publishing and marketing fiction. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Michele and her husband have a blended family of five children and one grandchild and live in North East, Maryland. More information about Michele is available on her website,

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