The Re-Creation of Planet Earth

The Re-Creation of Planet Earth

A Compelling Analysis of Creation, Evolution, the Big Bang, God, Jesus, and Heaven

Book Cover: The Re-Creation of Planet Earth

by Brian Donnelly

Have you ever wondered why there is such a huge discrepancy between what scientists say about the age of our planet and what the Bible says? According to scientists, the planet is 4.6 billion years old. Yet the Bible says that this planet Earth is only six thousand years old. But what if both were right? What if there was an analysis of creation that combined science with scripture in the search for truth yielding a unique and provocative conclusion about lifes beginning?

In The Re-Creation of Planet Earth and the Real Account of Life's Beginnings, author Brian Donnelly explores just this integration of science and biblical truth to provide a more realistic account of creation and re-creation. He addresses the ongoing debate between creation science and evolutionary biology, and he shows how creation is more viable than evolutionary theory and the big bang. The Re-Creation of the Planet Earth and the Real Account of Life's Beginnings also speaks to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, and it provides a detailed description of what heaven is like an account supported by scripture and near-death experiences.

Having a complete view of creation, re-creation, heaven, and life's beginnings will help you better understand how God relates to us today. But even more, this understanding can go on to help you see through the fog of the world and better relate to God as a believer.

Reviews:Danielle A. on Amazon wrote:

Gave me a different perspective to my view on this topic. Easy to read.

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