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The Passions & Perils of the Prodigy – Christian Book Club

The Passions & Perils of the Prodigy

The Passions & Perils of the Prodigy

Book Cover: The Passions & Perils of the Prodigy

by GJ Neumann

This historic novel traces the life of Genius Christopher Storm, from his troubled 1951 birth in New England, to his mysterious 1980 disappearance from a farm in Cambodia.

Reviews: Sandy on Amazon wrote:

This book caught my attention and I could not quit reading it til I was done. It is fast moving and very interesting. I have read other books about the selling of children in Cambodia

Molly on Amazon wrote:

I gave this book a rating of 5 Stars because it was everything I love in a book... mystery and yet inspirational. I only hope that this author will write a sequel to this story.

Amber Dawn Cannon on Amazon wrote:

Great book full of interesting perspectives. Wonderfully written.

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