The Message for the Last Days

The Message for the Last Days

Book Cover: The Message for the Last Days

by K.J. Soze

The future is revealed through a detailed understanding of ancient historical documents. "The Message for the Last Days" explains the history and progression of end-time prophecies found within and outside of the Bible. It reveals the original message compared to changes over time leading to modern interpretation.

"The Message for the Last Days" explains how modern Christian culture has created numerous beliefs about end-time events while determining that there can only be one correct answer based upon the original intent. Extensive research traced the roots of Biblical prophecies to build a foundation for predicting which interpretative method fits the single solution. It clearly shows where we started and where we are going in a logical, step by step format. The results are revealed to be vastly different than most widely held Christian cultural beliefs today. The answers will be surprising to many as to the extent that modern culture has affected Christianity.

How can we know what the future holds if we don't understand the past? This question is at the heart of this book as much of modern Christian culture has lost its roots. The crux of the book is derived from Biblical interpretation methods that were used in a consistent manner to find hard truths about our fate mentioned in the Bible.

Reviews:Grady Harp on Amazon wrote:

Author K.J. Soze, in his words is ‘an independent publisher who provides Biblical research of complex topics such as the afterlife, then I boil it down into a summary with references so readers can save time with their Bible studies. The books I write cut across various Church and denomination lines to fine unity and clarity for those who hold differing beliefs.’ Soze is not affiliated with any denomination or Church. What he offers in this book is a sound, intensively researched presentation of all of the descriptions of the End Of Days – those known and those that may be obscure to many.

The extent of research into the topic of ‘what’s next – after this life’ or the Second coming of Christ as in the biblical Revelations, or Armageddon as so many current films and books and blogs describe, has rarely been as impressive as this volume. And yet Soze’s presentation is accessibly warm and supportive as he guides the reader through the many references that describe the final days of the earth and mankind.

The opening discussion is shared here to encourage readers to follow through the explanations offered: A key to understanding the bible is learning how to properly interpret it through guidance of the Holy Spirit. Sounds simple. However, cultural traditions and personal biases complicate our efforts. Another barrier arises from the biblical concept that there are three realms of existence: our physical world, God’s heavenly realm, and a spiritual realm that bridges the other two…Passages that seem contradictory are possible to harmonize by identifying their relationship to these separate realms…’ This inviting style makes a profound topic accessible.

The message of the book is based on Christianity, and that is made clear in the many quotations for the Bible. Soze brings it all together and in the he offers the following: ‘Christ is coming again, and he is bringing his reward with him, along with the crown of eternal life. H e has commanded his workers to call those whom he would choose into repentance. Christ began by calling prophets and apostles; now it is up to us to extend the call. How can the elect hear the gospel if the Word is not preached?...Instead of debating our individual interpretive models, we must strive for unity in the Spirit. Our modern mindset would have us cling to our own perspectives and divides accordingly. But God calls us to gather together and seek his objective truth together. May we lay aside our self-centeredness and submit to the Spirit.’

This is a scholarly tome that seeks to unify all thought on the End of Life. In these precarious times it is fine food for thought. Grady Harp, July 19

K.J. Soze is an independent publisher that provides detailed Biblical research of complex topics such as the afterlife; then I boil it down into a summary to make it easier for readers. I write books that cut across various Church and denomination lines to find unity and clarity for those who hold differing beliefs.

I have no religious association or affiliation with any denomination, Church or other organization to the books I write. I work under independent research outside of any bias within sect

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