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The Heart of a Harlot – Christian Book Club

The Heart of a Harlot

The Heart of a Harlot

Book Cover: The Heart of a Harlot

by Kristen Reed

As Jericho falls, her faith rises. After spending over a decade prostituting in Jericho, Rahab has a vision of rubble and death that shakes her awake both from her sleep and from her self-destructive lifestyle. As news of the Israelites’ victory over the Amorites spreads, the people’s hearts melt with terror while hers fills with hope in the God who leads them. And the arrival of two Israelite spies ushers in a new era in Rahab’s life where her newfound faith is tested and rewarded in ways she never could have imagined. Includes study questions suitable for group discussion or individual study

Reviews:Sarah Goodwin on Amazon wrote:

Rahab has been a favorite Bible character of mine for some time, so I was beyond excited when I saw an ad for this book! Beautifully written, and a truly beautiful story of God's redeeming love, how He takes even the vilest of men and if they will turn to Him, He wipes the heart clean and white as snow! Thank you, Kristen Reed, for writing this book!

S Moore on Amazon wrote:

I loved this book! I confess I was surprised how “small” the book was, however, Kristin has a masterful knowledge of language use as well as accurate familiarity with Rahab’s story in the Bible. As a result, I was completely satisfied with the characters, setting and time frame and not left wanting!
Already sharing about it with friends. 🙂

Kristen Reed is a Christian author from Dallas, Texas, best known for writing The Fairetellings Series and the Bible study A Look At Luke. She is also a founding board member of Finding Hope Music Festival, which brings hope and healing through the power of music and the gospel. Kristen’s faith heavily influences her writing and is the driving force in her life.

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