The Gaiety

The Gaiety

Book Cover: The Gaiety

by Steve Sloane

Novella. Historic/science fiction. Late Victorian London, 1899. Seigfried Wallace, a lowly clerk at insurance company Radcliffe House, is invited by Mr. James Spall, a friend of his from upper management, to The Gaiety, a private gentlemen’s club in Knightsbridge for an evening’s social engagement. With reluctance, Seigfried accepts. Soon after, James disappears and Seigfried sets about trying to correlate the possibility of his friend’s absence, with the club. A second and somewhat mysterious invite to a Christmas Eve gathering at the club draws Seigfried closer to the reasons for James’ disappearance, as well as engaging him in the club’s most secret purposes-those made privy to only its highest, distinguished members.

Reviews:Ronnie Roberts on Amazon wrote:

Mister Sloane attempts more than a time travel piece of fiction and succeeds. He entertains and paints a picture worth watching.

angelique on Amazon wrote:

I usually don’t like time travel books but this story
was so different and hauntingly beautiful. I highly recommend it.

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