The Faithful Prince

The Faithful Prince

Book Cover: The Faithful Prince
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD

by Sarah Tun

The Faithful Prince is a story for young children whose families want them to grow in their Christian faith and character development. Preschoolers and those in the early primary years have the opportunity to meet a faithful prince who loves to celebrate God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit every day.

Meet Jordan (or insert your own child’s name) and discover the difficulties he must face in order to grow; experience his adventures as he determines to claim the ground on which he stands to the glory of God.
Share with your young child the joy of praising God as you experience this book together. Teach your child about life's challenges and how to overcome them. Build faith and an understanding of the love of God through the eyes of a faithful prince.

Recommended for children ages: 2 - 6. Fully illustrated. (16 e-pages)

Reviews:Editorial Reviews wrote:

Sarah Tun has written the kind of story every parent loves. In this story, the parent is encouraged to substitute the name of the child who is hearing the story for the name of the central character. In other words, the story becomes all about your child.

What's more, when you do that, your child becomes a faithful hero who listens to the Holy Spirit, even though he cannot verbalize what that means. It is a wonderful introduction to something every child needs to learn: the world around you will always be full of people and voices who want to turn you away from God's voice.

 About the Author...

Sarah Tun

"This is a fun adventure... not too scary and very happy. I enjoyed writing it and I wholeheartedly believe you'll enjoy sharing it with your little one.

"I have been writing stories since I was seven, when the school principal published two of my stories which I wrote after being sent out of class for talking too much," says Sarah Tun, author

Born and raised in Ontario,Canada, she has lived on three continents and traveled to most of the others. Her ideas come from imagination and a love for people. She particularly adores teens and empathizes with them for the challenges, temptations and ambitions they face, with so much passion for life and so little experience of it. Sarah is keen for every reader to discover the strength inside, and from the Creator,who has put into each one of us a unique identity and purpose to fulfill.

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