The Empty, Little Stocking

The Empty, Little Stocking

Book Cover: The Empty, Little Stocking

by Marianne Coyne

A little, Christmas stocking, disappointed in Christmases past, longs to be filled with the wonderful things that other stockings are filled with. As the light from the dying embers casts its last glow upon the Christ child in the crèche, the little stocking begins a humble request. He asks God to fill him with wonderful things, too. But as midnight approaches the little stocking’s prospects seem as dim as ever. On this Christmas Eve, however, the empty, little Christmas stocking discovers gifts more wonderful than he could possibly imagine. This story is a timeless message for "children" of every age.

Reviews:Thomas Michaels on Amazon wrote:

Another warm and enlightening Christmas story by Ms. Coyne. I wish she continues to write many more of these short stories. They have a universal appeal for both children to read them by themselves or for an adult to read them for their own pleasure. It also would allow for that wonderful feeling so popular for centuries....especially at Christmastime for adults to read stories to their children.

Chris Karr on Amazon wrote:

I did not expect such a moving tale..
My heart was so moved by this small tale that I wish to make it a skit/ play at my church.
I will share this story over and over.
Great insight of a Christmas stocking.

Kathleen on Amazon wrote:

Lovely story timely for all people. I recommend you make reading this little book a tradition during the holidays in your home. Your family will be entertained while learning what really should fill their stockings and their hearts.

Marianne Coyne is a licensed artist, an author, Independent publisher, a published writer with Blue Mountain Arts, and an occasional public speaker. She finds immense joy in creating and affecting others in a positive way with her work. Marianne's unique ability to inspire and encourage others is admired and respected by many. Her latest romance novella, River Runs Deep, is now available on Amazon Kindle.

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