The Debate and Its Prelude

The Debate and Its Prelude

Book Cover: The Debate and Its Prelude

by Jeff Romine

Herb, senior custodian at Westside High, is down to earth, practical, friendly, governed by common sense, and just can't believe Ralph, a high strung and energetic biology teacher who can't sit still when he learns that a student in his class believes in creationism. He instantly organizes a debate in order to squelch this anachronistic religious influence in his classroom. The only problem was that in his haste, he failed to identify someone to square up with his pro-evolution candidate, a power-hitting, man-eating, societally accomplished intellectual, skilled in debating tactics. Ironically, it's Herb who saves the day by suggesting that Ralph follow up on his one and only lead--the father of the very student, Heidi, who provoked the whole campaign in the first place. Left with no other choice, Ralph concedes to Herb's suggestion. Heidi's father, Jim Britton, on the other hand, is a man with no aspirations for public exposure, a scientist working in the confines of a quiet laboratory, who genuinely loves God and the Bible, but is faced with a "crisis of faith" when he learns that his daughter nominated him to occupy the other podium.

Reviews:Jeffery M. Cheney on Amazon wrote:

A must read! A very intelligent book that challenges the reader emotionally, theologically, and intellectually. It is difficult to find good Christian fiction literature that speaks to those who do and don't believe. This is a great book for those grappling with science and faith and has a storyline that I could see playing out today, which makes it all the more believable. I understand this is a newer author to this genre so my hope is he comes out with more books soon. Thank you Dr. Romine for giving us this book.

Jeffrey L Romine Ph.D. is a research scientist turned author. His work as a medicinal chemist for over twenty-six years in a major pharmaceutical company resulted in many patents and publications in peer-reviewed journals. He is both author and coauthor on papers in the area of hepatitis C virus and stroke, but it was his strong interest in the Bible, understanding how it uses knowledge, that provided the impetus for his career transition. In addition to the parent book, Knowledge unto Relationship, he is writing novels aimed at reaching a broader audience.

From the Author

The creation-evolution debate serves as a perfect venue for illustrating the biblical tenets of knowledge, calling for both discernment and discretion in the knowledge gap between experts and laymen. When it comes to origins, experts, authorities, and pundits abound, making it a buyer-beware world out there. The onus of belief weighs heavily upon the sorry on sore position of the truth-seeker. The objective of The Debate and Its Prelude is not to offer yet another argument, but to introduce a perspective to readers, an approach to coping with controversial topics by applying the wisdom of Proverbs when dealing with knowledge gaps between experts and laymen.

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