The Crowns of the Believers

The Crowns of the Believers

Set Apart, Surrounded, Shielded

Book Cover: The Crowns of the Believers
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by Gina Burgess

This book not only helps those who desire to know more about the rewards believers receive, but also helps anyone who wants to learn how to dig deep into the Bible to better understand God's Word.

In "The Crowns of the Believers" Gina Burgess walks through some of the incredible spiritual blessings God has provided for all believers. The crowns that are bestowed on us as followers of Jesus Christ are not only representative of the power and authority God has lavished upon us, but they also indicate a change in our identity. Writers in the New Testament discuss them as rewards received in Heaven, but they aren't just heavenly rewards.

Gina studied these spiritual rewards called crowns from Genesis to Revelation, and discovered some incredible things. For instance, there are more than five crowns. She discovered several crowns the Old Testament saints wore, spiritually speaking, while they lived on earth.

All believers are even now wearing a few of them. Some of these crowns are: a Crown of Protection, a Crown of Separation, and even a Crown of Pride, or as in some translations, Crown of Insolence among others. Join Gina in this in depth, but not exhaustive, study. Some findings just may surprise you.

Reviews:Florida Beach Reader wrote:

This is a book about a subject I'm sure many believers have wondered about - the crowns the scriptures note Christians will receive. The author answers all the questions about the subject and many more. Did you realize a buckler is a small defensive shield, about ten inches to three feet in diameter, generally circular in shape. And while Jesus' story about a Good Samaritan has given the group a good name, Mrs. Burgess notes that Samaritans were often drunk with pride and drunk with wine. (One of the reasons everyone was amazed when a Samaritan actually helped someone) There are many other interesting items in this book. Mrs. Burgess also has an excellent writing style and makes even a complicated subject easy to understand. This is an excellent book for your library.

Eva Reddekopp wrote:

This book gives new information on the crowns of the believers not usually traditionally taught about. However, it could be much more in-depth. To many references are made to getting out your own concordance or dictionary to do a further study. When I read a book, I expect it to include a more in-depth study. It is good for new believers.

Amazon Customer wrote:

This book is the perfect resource on the "Study of Crowns". Finding it was indeed a treasure!

Greg Brown wrote:

The Crowns of the Believers, by author Gina Burgess, is a thorough study of the word “crowns” in the Bible. She looks at eight crowns referenced both in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Her hope is to help believers understand all the heavenly and earthly rewards God has given them and also to help them understand their spiritual identity.

However, this is more than just a study on crowns. Gina provides a basic introduction to hermeneutics—the science of Bible interpretation. She introduces readers to various study tools such as: a concordance, a lexicon, a theological dictionary, and electronic Bible study resources. She teaches sound hermeneutical principles such as using Scripture to interpret Scripture and if the text studied makes sense, accept it at face value, but if it doesn’t, look deeper at the text. Throughout the study, she takes screen shots of the electronic tools used in order to familiarize readers with how to use them. She essentially teaches the readers how to prepare a topical Bible study. In addition, at the end of each chapter there are “Questions for Reflection” which would be helpful for small groups.

This book is unique. It is like being taught about a Bible topic by your Sunday School teacher or small group leader and at the same time being instructed on how to prepare the lesson yourself. It is unique and fresh.

The Crowns of the Believers will be helpful to anybody who wants to learn more about crowns in the Bible and also to anyone who wants to learn how to prepare a topical Bible study. Enjoy!

(I received a free copy and this is my honest review)

Margaret Welwood wrote:

"The Crowns of the Believers" Crowns is a highly focused treatment of a topic that encompasses the Christian life from rebirth and throughout eternity. Gina loves her Redeemer and His Word, and takes her responsibility for clarity and accuracy very seriously. This study is highly accessible to the average reader; the sidebars of vocabulary words in Hebrew and Greek add flavor and depth without compromising Gina’s straightforward style.

Perhaps my favorite feature is her accounts of events in the lives of Bible characters, viewed through the lens of the physical and metaphorical crowns they wore. Her exhortations to believers are highly Scriptural and forceful, and Gina applies them to herself as well as to us.

About the Author...

Gina Burgess has her Master’s in Communication from Spring Arbor University, and is a freelance Christian writings and Christian book editor. She also writes reviews for several publishers, and has taught Sunday School and Discipleship Training since 1972.

She brings to this study an intense love of Scripture and an inability to proof-text points. She believes context is the key to hermeneutics, and for anyone to better understand the Bible, context is the best way to study.

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