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The Christmas Pin Society – Christian Book Club

The Christmas Pin Society

The Christmas Pin Society

Book Cover: The Christmas Pin Society

by Marianne Coyne 

With only three weeks ‘till Christmas and feeling the tugs of nostalgia, Emma Perrillo ponders her once tightly knit group of friends. With a tug at her heart and the hope of what could be restored, Emma embarks on a journey of love that will raise many questions. Will her friends find their way back and help a little boy’s childhood have a second chance? Can all things work together for good? Armed with only hope and a collection of Christmas Pins, will the disbanded women be witness to the fruition of dreams come true before Christmas? Can God take a mustard seed in a small, ordinary town like their beloved Evergreen, and create big, extraordinary things? A heartwarming story of hope, faith, and love.

Reviews:Michelle Clements James on Amazon wrote:

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas story! THE CHRISTMAS PIN SOCIETY by Marianne Coyne is just that and more. It is an inspirational account of a group of friends who get together each year at Christmas for lunch and a gift exchange, but the caveat is the gifts have to be Christmas pins. Some were nice pieces of jewelry and some were just a few dollars. This tradition continued for years until life got in the way. Some of them moved, one got divorced, and, well you know, life often takes a different turn. Then one year, Emma, came up with a plan that she thought would draw her friends back together and revive their old tradition, but in reality, it was much bigger than that. I can’t tell too much without giving too much information.
This novella is about giving from the heart, about true friendship, and about sacrifice. It is definitely a ‘feel good’ story. The characters were everyone’s next door neighbor. They were a mix of people who got along together in spite of their differences.
Would I recommend THE CHRISTMAS PIN SOCIETY? Absolutely!
Marianne Coyne packed a lot of story into a relatively few number of pages. She writes from the heart. If you would like to know more about Marianne, her books, and her art, please check out the following websites:
Her blog Leisure Lane, her Amazon Author Page, or her Goodreads Author Page.

Don Kidwell on Amazon wrote:

...and the bond of friendship they symbolized. Yet now their worth lay in what they meant to a young family ~ hope and new life." Powerful, well-written story about a group of women giving up their treasures to provide a life-saving operation for a young boy. Numerous passages really struck home in this Christmas time offering, tho these two I loved in particular, "We cling because we fear losing something we hold dear, and the fear of that loss prevents us from seeing what we might gain if we were to just loosen our grip" and " Thewn one day, it seemed without warning, they had grown out of their childhood booksw, and I was left with the memories and longings for sharing them still." Excellent book I most heartily recommend!

Linda M. Adams on Amazon wrote:

If you enjoy watching Holiday movies on the Hallmark channel you will love reading this Christmas tale. A book about life-time friendships, families, love, heartbreak, forgiveness, sharing, caring, miracles and faith. Marianne Coyne spins a beautiful and unique story about a group of friends coming together after years of separation to help a child in a very special way.

Marianne Coyne is a licensed artist, an author, Independent publisher, a published writer with Blue Mountain Arts, and an occasional public speaker. She finds immense joy in creating and affecting others in a positive way with her work. Marianne's unique ability to inspire and encourage others is admired and respected by many. Her latest romance novella, River Runs Deep, is now available on Amazon Kindle.

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