The Call

The Call

Book Cover: The Call

by Matthew J. Romano

The atmosphere within the United States and most of the world is ripe for another great spiritual awakening. The current state of affairs is one of profound division, even within the church. The saints themselves have a difficult time distinguishing what is right and what is wrong because we have abandoned our first love and have embraced the love of the world.

In this season, the Lord exhorts His people to prepare themselves like a bride adorned for her husband and beckons the church to answer “The Call” toward revival that will spread like a holy fire in the hearts of many. Who will answer “The Call” to battle this present darkness with weapons of righteousness? Only when God’s own people are revived can we expect to see transformation in America and throughout the world.

The Call: An Invitation to Revival and Transformation takes the reader on a journey of spiritual awakening alongside the author. Each chapter inspires the reader to answer “The Call” of God toward freedom, holiness, and purpose. This book will mentor people to hear the voice of God, think with the mind of Christ, be alert to the tactics of Satan, engage in spiritual warfare, learn to pray and meditate on the promises of God, and much more.

Reviews: Tiffany G. Zappulla on Amazon wrote:

The author's story is honest and poignant. It is challenging to find Christian narratives that aren't candy-coated cliches of what we all hope to become...instead, Matthew Romano shows us how - and why - we will become all that God hopes.

AE on Amazon wrote:

Matthew J. Romano in a conversational style pulls you in and figuratively says to you, "let me tell you about my life".

From a place of not knowing the existence of Christ to becoming a follower of Christ and maintaining a thriving relationship with God.

The daily disciplines of posturing oneself to hear from God, obeying his Word and the eventual reward...Revival!

This book is a must-read for those new to Christ and also for those who have forgotten what it's like to experience God in a new and vibrant way.

Cova Music on Amazon wrote:

Wow, what a great book! Author takes on the big task of breaking down spiritual principals on to this ever changing world. My favorite part of the book is chapter 4 on where they break down destructive worry & constructive concern. 5 stars! On of those books I'll read more than once.

About the Author...

Matthew J. Romano is an ordained deacon of Christ Church New Jersey. He has been walking with the Lord for over 25 years. His passion is sharing Christ with the lost and teaching believers to walk passionately with the Lord. He currently serves the body of Christ as a deacon, pastoral assistant, life group leader, men's group leader, and as a certified teacher in the School of Prayer.

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