Star Song

Star Song

Book Cover: Star Song

by Katheryn Maddox Haddad

This is a lyrical novel with the reader is inserted into the story. And at the end of each chapter are discussion questions, ancient historical records cited, and scriptures used as a basis for the story.

At the end of the book are suggested chapter readings for special occasions. It also has a three-page bibliography of all books consulted while writing all eight volumes of "They Met Jesus".

This is not just a novel. It is much more.

Come meet the people who met Jesus. You are one of them. Probably you are several of them. Go ahead and struggle with them as they did. Laugh. Cry. Do mental battle with him. Emotional battle too. Fight for your faith as they fought. Pause to listen for what you've never heard before. Then touch Jesus.

This is the story of faith in the impossible. Hope in the inconceivable. Love for the invincible. It is the dreams of youth, the desperations of infirmity, the hopes of age, and the song of eternity.

Follow the suspense as each person in Jesus' life comes to terms with who they are, and who Jesus is. Jesus accepts the as they are. But can they accept themselves as they are? More than that, can they accept Jesus as he is? Both God and man? Both Creator and created? Both King and servant?

It is the story of doubts explained away, animosities melted away, misunderstandings cleared away. It is your story and mine. For deep within each of us is everyone who ever met and struggled with Jesus.


Mary was too young, Elizabeth too old, Joseph too gullible, the shepherds too smelly, Anna too senile, Simeon too idealistic. The wise men should have minded their own business, Zechariah should have accepted he'd never have children. King Herod dared control God, the Bible scholars dared interpret God.

Reviews:Bysarah Clineon on Amazon wrote:

This is a very fascinating book, written in a unique style. It's an historical novel about Jesus, the Messiah, and the people and events surrounding his birth and life on this earth. I am extremely impressed by the author's research and knowledge of both the Bible, other religions, and history. This book gave me greater understanding, and it challenged me in my Christian life.

Valerie Caraottaon on Amazon wrote:

Star Song is a uniquely written book with simply you and I in mind and how we have questioned and wondered about many Biblical happenings. Author Katheryn Haddad states "It is the story of doubts explained away, animosities melted away, misunderstandings cleared away." As you come aboard this Christmas story you are encouraged to think and dream outside the box. Enter Mary, Elizabeth, Zechariah's, Joseph's and Jesus world

About the Author...

As author of sixty-six books (non-fiction, children's books, and adult fiction), Katheryn Haddad spends an average of 300 hours to research each historical novel she writes. That includes reading writings of ancient historians such as Josephus, investigating archaeological digs for city layouts and culture, etc. "I don't want my characters riding down a road that did not exist yet," she says. Even the names of characters are from the location and era she is writing about.

This author was born in the cold north but now lives in Arizona where she does not have to shovel sunshine. She enjoys hot weather, palm trees, cacti, and a computer with the letters worn off.

With a bachelor's degree in English, Bible and social science from Harding University and part of a master's degree in Bible, including Greek, from the Harding Graduate School of Theology, she also has a master's degree in management and human relations from Abilene University.

Her newspaper column appeared for several years in newspapers in Texas and North Carolina ~ Little Known Facts About the Bible ~ and she has written for numerous Christian publications.

Currently, she teaches English over the internet every morning, using the Bible as a textbook. Most of her students are Muslims. She has taught some 6000 thus far and has former students, now Christians, in hiding in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Jordan, Uzbekistan, and Palestine. "They are my heroes" she declares.

She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Christian Writers of the West, and Historical Novel Society.

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