by James Slobodzien

Some estimate that between 115 and 175 Americans are dying every day from drug overdoses. From 2000 to 2016, more than 600,000 people died from drug overdoses in America. This rapid increase of prescription and non-prescription opioid drug use and related addiction deaths in the United States beginning in the 1990s has been called the worst drug epidemic in American history. Comparatively, alcohol/drug and poly-behavioral addiction overdoses now have a higher death toll than car crashes, HIV/AIDS, and guns ever killed in one year. This death epidemic toll has reached over half the number of Americans killed in ALL U.S. Wars combined (1.1 million).

There are no simple solutions, as this is a very complex problem, but could there be something that we are missing? I stumbled across a very interesting phenomenon called “Spontaneous Recovery” that may be a significant part of this solution, but why has it been kept such a secret for the last 50 years? Conventional wisdom among counselors, therapists, and clinicians is that “once an alcoholic addict - always an alcoholic addict.” These “experts” continue to inform us that it is common knowledge that you can’t quit drinking or using drugs on your own without professional help. They insist that addiction to alcohol and drugs is a progressive, irreversible, chronic and fatal brain disease if not medically treated by professionals. But, is this what the researchers have been reporting for the last 5 decades? No No No!

No one has all the answers to this complex problem, as each individual’s addiction is as unique as their fingerprints.

This book attempts to provide some biblical answers to the important questions concerning the mysteries of human nature, addiction, and spontaneous recovery. These include: How has the psychology of religion historically helped people develop a positive identity? What is a spiritual conversion? What does God’s word - the Bible say about how to overcome addictions? Due to the chronic pain, suffering, and despair brought about by this epidemic, many have become hopeless and have turned to their faith as a last resort. It is my hope that the words of this book would encourage those that have repeatedly failed in their recovery to put their faith in God to work by ~ Visualizing - Meditating and - Believing in HIS Word!

Reviews:CBM Book Reviews on Amazon wrote:

Dr. James Slobodzien, a licensed clinical psychologist and expert in the field of addiction treatment and recovery, speaks on the subject of substance abuse in America. As the author states, “This book examines the relationship between poly-behavioral addictions and the Spiritual Conversion Experience which many believe was God’s original plan to restore his relationship with humanity.

By first introducing the readers to the substance abuse epidemic in America to the proverbial “Elephant in the Room”, the author uses this well-known metaphor to help others understand…the elephant cannot be ignored. The “Elephant in the Room” is America’s fascination, and staggering record overdoses, pertaining to the Opioid Epidemic. His book proclaims that this overwhelming epidemic is set to reach unbelievable proportions by 2020. Yet, he presents an awing twist of data known as “Spontaneous Addiction Recovery”. His book explores the links and connections of the “Spiritual Awakening” and “Spiritual Conversion Experience and how they relate to the “The Mind of Christ” as evident from Spontaneous Recovery data that has been hidden for the last fifty years.

Additionally, the author takes no joy in the overwhelming data that suggests…America’s citizens have huge substance abuse problems. Alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs are just to name a few. With that said, Slobodzien gives the overwhelming data that suggests an “uncovering” of hidden data that over 75% of those with abuse problems recovered on their own – known as “spontaneous recovery or a spiritual awakening”. Articles reveal remarkable links between the spiritual, and spontaneous recovery.

The first 7 chapters cover the different kinds of addictions; the remainder uncovers the hidden agenda of farming and animal consumption, historical views and insight from the Bible, the time of Noah and the Nephalim, God’s judgement and Christ’s sacrifice. Blending a history of Paul’s conversion, and religious history add to the book. Presenting also the “definition” of “Spontaneous Addiction Recovery” assist readers insight into the awakening of the spirit to God in a soul, and highlight the life-transforming power available to all who accept Christ.

As the author states, “The most important message of this book is God’s ability to empower the common believer to discover and utilize his or her God-given spiritual gifts - to actualize the “Mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:16) to overcome all addictions. This is an amazing witness to the truth of the Gospel.

This book is a must-read for all those dealing with substance abuse or those who have either friends, family and/or co-workers who might need recovery from addiction.

Jim Slobodzien is a Hawaii licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. Dr. Slobodzien's credentials include a Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology, Argosy University, Honolulu, HI. (1995), a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO, (1982), and a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Chaminade University Honolulu, HI. (1980). He completed Post-Graduate Education at the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation: Westminster Theological Seminary in Laverock, Pennsylvania (1985). In addition, he holds a Doctorate of Ministry degree from the International Seminary in Orlando Florida (1985). He is also credentialed by the National Registry of Health Service Providers in Psychology and is an Internationally Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Dr. Slobodzien has over 25 years of public service and mental health experience. He has primarily worked in the fields of alcohol/ substance abuse and poly-behavioral addictions in hospital, court and correctional settings. He has taught graduate-level psychology courses as an adjunct professor of Psychology at Argosy University and has also maintained a private practice as a mental health consultant. For the past 20 years, Dr. Slobodzien has been employed as a Military Psychologist providing services to our active-duty war veterans.

More importantly, after being raised as a Catholic, and while serving in the military, Jim had a Christian conversion experience in 1977, and he was led to a family-home church model of Christianity where he was taught "The Way" to follow Jesus as a life-style apart from any organized religions of Christianity. This unique training and experience of spending time with Jesus in the Family-home Church has guided his study of the Bible for the last 35 years. It has educated and trained him to understand and articulate the differences and similarities of spirituality and religion to identify and treat those who are caught up in the web of religious addiction. This has given Jim compassion for the unchurched and the victims of spiritual abuse and religious extortion of our present-day Organized Christianity. After all, the Bible tells us that Jesus hated the teachings of the Nicholaitans (organized religion), and that the Early Church in an effort to avoid the former pagan practices of building religious temples and financially supporting a specialized professional priesthood, went house to house planting Family-home Churches to reach unbelievers and fulfill the Great Commission.

Jim hopes to inspire others to know, understand, and follow the traditions of the first century Early Church as taught by Jesus and the Apostles and revealed in the New Testament Bible. Dr. Slobodzien has authored several "self-published" books and many articles including, "Christian Psychotherapy & Criminal Rehabilitation: An Integration of Psychology and Theology for Rehabilitative Effectiveness," "Poly-behavioral Addiction and the Addictions Recovery Measurement System (ARMS), and "Hawaii and Christian Religious Addiction: A Survey of Attitudes Toward Healthy Spirituality And Religious Addiction Within Christianity." Dr. Slobodzien has also developed the 7 Dimension Addiction Treatment Model that has been recognized by the Joint Commission in there leading practices library as a best practice in the medical field of addictions. In addition, Jim is a classic hard rock and roll enthusiast and guitarist and enjoys motorcycle riding.

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