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Spirit Warrior – Christian Book Club

Spirit Warrior

Spirit Warrior

Book Cover: Spirit Warrior

by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Serenity (Rena) Charles knew nothing about the heavenly battle between good and evil, angels and demons, but she was about to be recruited as a Spirit Warrior and find out!

Fleeing from a desperately precarious situation following her grandmother's death, she risks the danger of dark and stormy night to make her escape.
Unbeknownst to her, it is the beginning of a spiritual adventure that will at first bewilder her, before increase her knowledge and trust in God’s love and protection.
When enlisted as a Spirit Warrior and instructed by God’s Heavenly Angels, she learns to fight the good fight against wicked assassinations on the ones whom God foreordained to be his. With this knowledge, her life changes completely.
Serenity meets new friends including a problematic man who is lost in his own insecurities. Will, they built a relationship together or will their friendship be in vain?

Reviews: Jerry E. Beuterbaugh on Amazon wrote:

Set in Australia during the 1920s, Spirit Warrior: Fighting the Realms of Darkness is much more than a breathtaking period piece. For it follows Rena from recruitment to deployment engaging demons in both the material and spiritual realms. With plenty of time set aside for love and laughter, surely it will have you wondering if the events in the book really did happen. It certainly had that effect on me.

RJS on Amazon wrote:

God had his hand on Serenity and in an astonishing way. She never expected her maker to watch out for her the way HE did. After she was born, Serenity’s mom abandoned her. Due to being reared by her grandma she learned so much about herbs and their healing qualities. Menace follows when her grandma passed and her stepdad and mom meet up with her. Spirit Warrior tale takes place in the 20’s, and it deals with the unseen spiritual dominion. Author, Crystal Mary Lindsey has a wonderful imagination and has written things that will make you take time to ponder regarding the unseen world. All in all, it is an electrifying, Christian fantasy that had me captivated throughout.

J.E. Grace on Amazon wrote:

Serenity (Rena) is led to leave her home and flee. In this new place, her life takes a strange turn as she learns that she has spiritual gifts and is a spirit warrior called by God. Her assignments lead her to take others into her home who have been hurt by abuse and show them the love of God.

The spiritual scenes within the storyline are vivid and make you see what the characters are experiencing.
The characters are well developed and had me invested in them from the beginning.

The author has woven a great fiction story interlaced with scripture and the love of God. It's a very inspirational and feels good story that leaves you

thinking about the content well after the last page is turned. I would highly recommend this for readers who like an inspirational story with a dash of romance and spirituality.

I purchased a copy through Smashwords

About the Author...

Crystal Mary Lindsey (Australian Professional Title) grew up in the state of New South Wales, Australia the second youngest of five children in a medical family.
Crystal likes to inspire and encourage others to never give up on their dreams. Her books are written with that in mind.
All the glory for her writing is given to The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
Qualifications: Bachelor of Nursing (Australia)
Bachelor Science Nursing (U.S.A.)
Post Graduate degree - Mental Health
Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support - E.R.
Diploma in Psychology/Counselling
And a Bible College Graduate
Mother of four adult Christian Children-G.M. Ten.
Lived and worked in TN, marrying an ex Marine.
Both currently live in the sub-Tropics of Queensland, Australia.
AWARD WINNING AUTHOR (Editors Choice and Readers Favourite Award x2).RADIO INTERVIEW-

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