Slaves of Passion

Slaves of Passion

Book Cover: Slaves of Passion

by Patricia Stinson

A pre-Civil War fair-skinned slave girl is pregnant and her one desire is to have her baby born in free territory. Her desire leads to deceptions, extreme hardships, death, and murder for three generations.

Reviews:Eileen Moynihan on Amazon wrote:

I really enjoyed reading this book. The author, Patricia Stinson, has clearly done a lot of research into the lives of slaves prior to the American Civil War, the customs and rituals of different Native American tribes, and the life of pioneer settlers. This book was an education, as well as a really good saga about three generations of families whose lives intertwine throughout the trials and hardships they face in this historically challenging time.
The plot and characters are strong and I didn't want to put it down.

I am a hearty Minnesotan. I love the history of our country and the West. I combined my love and wrote, Range War Legacy, about the last cattle and sheep war in the U.S. in Oregon. I went on to write about the aftermath of the Alamo and a bit of Kit Carson and the Navaho People. Then the book Life in New Guinea told about my teaching in New Guinea for two years. The children were the grandchildren of headhunters and cannibals. I had lunch with a cannibal, but I was not on the menu, thankfully.
My 2019 book is Slaves of Passion, which begins with a pregnant slave girl and ends two generations later in the mountains in the west.

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