Simple Prayer

Simple Prayer

Book Cover: Simple Prayer

by Rachel Larkin

Do you desire a more fulfilling prayer life?
Rachel has discovered a simpler way to pray - a way that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary divine encounters.
Having an amazing prayer life is not for the famous Christians. It’s for all of us, ordinary people who are seeking the extraordinary.

You will discover:

  • How simple and effective prayer can be.


  • How you can see God turn up in your normal everyday life.


  • How you can pray when life is tough so that you keep going and not give up.


  • The steps to create your personal prayer growth plan.


  • How prayer journaling can transform your relationship with God.


  • How to get from fig tree praying to mountain moving praying!


  • The secret of keeping prayer simple - 3 ways of talking with God that will ignite a spark in your Christian walk

"God is into taking what is ordinary in life and sprinkling it with extraordinary divine moments through prayer."
Buy Simple Prayer: The Guide for Ordinary People Seeking the Extraordinary today and inject some freshness and growth into your relationship with God!


Reviews: Jed Jurchenko on Amazon wrote:

This book is for everyone with a desire to see God turn up. It is for readers who want to become more intentional in prayer, and readers who long to better tune-in to God.

The author's passion for prayer is evident throughout this book, and it is inspiring. I especially like the focus on simple, ordinary, daily conversations with God--which makes praying seem doable for those of us caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. The four prayer tips in chapter four were especially helpful for this busy husband and working daddy of four.

The third section of the book hones-in on what readers can and should pray for. A strength of this section is that it expanded my view of prayer. It was an excellent refresher of how many important things there are to talk to God about.

Simple Prayer, is well documented. Informative and inspirational quotes on prayer are sprinkled throughout the book. The author does an excellent job of keeping things simple and showing how ordinary prayer can make an extraordinary impact. Highly recommended!

Sheryl A Stradling on Amazon wrote:

This is a practical book for ordinary Christians who desire a richer prayer life, want to pray more simply and experience the true effectiveness of prayer. The author outlines how to deepen our prayer life, create a personal prayer growth plan and use three prayer languages to pray more effectively.

We can deepen our prayer life by using ordinary moments to pray with intention and focused energy. The author shares a personal growth plan that includes motivation, practice and prayer journaling to record how God works in our lives and to refresh our memory about the ways. She recommends including our daily interactions with God, prayer and sermon notes and quotes, life goals and an index. If we follow her outline, these journals could become genuine prayer books in themselves. The three prayer languages the author recommends are asking God, thanking God, and praying the Word – finding and using biblical passages that speak about our concern.

The sincerity of the author shines from every page. The tools she provides are not for the casual believer. They are for people who truly want to enhance their prayer life, connect with God and experience amazing results. The book has many good references.

LaRosa Johnson on Amazon wrote:

This was a really good and simple read. Prayer is something many believers tend to neglect as a spiritual discipline, myself included. Rachel does a wonderful job of reminding us of the importance of prayer and how simple it can be.

I found the many illustrations helpful and relatable. If we want God to show up in our lives then we have to live expectantly. This doesn’t mean we’re waiting for miracles of biblical proportions to happen daily, but for his hand & graces to be evident in the normal moments of life.

Reading this book together with my wife has helped us both recommit to having healthy prayer lives. I believe this book is worth reading for anyone curious about prayer or trying to get back on the prayer wagon.

About the Author...

Rachel is a 40-something (closer to 50 than 40) woman who...
...has raised 3 sons along with her amazing husband
...crawled through post natal depression (and survived!)
...has led many inspiring woman's Bible Studies
...juggles an accounting career while homeschooling teenagers
and craves chocolate constantly!

Her passion is to share tools on how to take simple actions to deepen your prayer life, achieve your spiritual goals and to enjoy an abundant life.

She writes about growing in faith and developing your potential on her website at-

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