Shadow’s Unexpected Adventure

Shadow’s Unexpected Adventure

Book Cover: Shadow's Unexpected Adventure

by Mary Clark Dalton

Shadow, a redwing blackbird, and Bright, a bluebird, were best friends. The two were always swapping stories about their exciting adventures while they were apart during the winter season. All too soon, the weather would turn cool and the two birds would realize that their fun times were coming to a close for a few months. That is, unless they could come up with a plan!
The two birds put their heads together asking, "Can we really trade places? What could go wrong?"
Follow Shadow and Bright as they find out that adventures do not always turn out as planned!

Reviews: Kathy Ellingson on Amazon wrote:

This is a delightful story about friendship and lessons learned while growing up. It is beautifully illustrated as well! Inspirational for aspiring young writers and artists. Highly recommended for all ages!

About the author

Mary Clark Dalton

I am a stay at home mom with two grown children, Brent and Amanda. I now have a grandson named Luke. I live in a small county in Virginia called Henry.
I write stories for the modern day child who I believe have a more mature taste for books. I like to write about the things they face today, sometimes using animal characters. My first book is just that. "Rainbow's Promise" is about a caterpillar that is the last in his class to receive his wings. He dreams of flying with the beautiful rainbow wings his father has promised will come in time. His mom tells him to be patient and use this time to do things only a caterpillar can do. "Rainbow's Promise" has been given a 5 star must read rating from bookreview. The Rainbow series continues with Rainbow Learns to Fly, Rainbow Deals with Pride, and concludes with Rainbow Learns the Golden Rule. I have republished Rainbow's Promise in a hardback 8X10 changing it's title to Rainbow Learns to Fly How it all started. These books have wonderful life lessons for children to learn and enjoy at the same time. Follow Rainbow on his adventures!

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