Rise of the Unmarked

Rise of the Unmarked

Book Cover: Rise of the Unmarked

by J. Michael Kivyanski

In the world's future, there is one governing body. All individuals are given a mark on their right hand at birth so the government can monitor them. They are told to only trust technology and what it tells them.

People are not taught they have a soul. They are unaware of the intense spiritual warfare occurring around them. The effort to collect human souls is a well-guarded state secret. People are encouraged to only worship a single religion. The worship of any other religion requires permission.

Christians and Jews fight against this terrifying evil. They have been called upon to save humanity or be responsible for its destruction.

Reviews:Karen L. Malena on Amazon wrote:

Powerful themes in this book! Not the usual battle of good versus evil, this story follows the lives of several people, some who may surprise you. Creepy premise, because in many instances, we can almost truly see the signs of the times. Cleverly written. Makes you think

About the Author...

J. Michael Krivyanski's career started when he began writing a bi-weekly humor column on family life for the Leader Newspaper Group in southern California.

Soon after this experience, he returned to his home near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He then began writing for local and national newspapers as well as magazines. He's written hundreds of articles.

This work has enabled him to do articles on some fascinating people. He has interviewed everyone from a space shuttle astronaut to the World Marbles Champion and more. He has been a syndicated humor columnist with Continental Newspapers for many years. He currently writes his blog ReadMikeNow as well as a variety of articles online.

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