Return of the Nephilim

Return of the Nephilim

Book Cover: Return of the Nephilim

by Glenn M. Funkhouser

Logan could never have imagined the sequence of events that would unfold after the night he decided to camp out on the rooftop of an old apartment building. Nor could he foresee the battles he would go through, or the individuals he would meet, during what would be the most exciting as well as the most unnerving time of his career.
His life up until that point in time had been predictable, and relatively uncomplicated. For the most part he followed the advice of his parents, that is, except when it came to what he would do for a living.His motto had always been, follow the Lord's leading, have an open mind, and keep a low profile. The latter would turn out to be extremely hard to do, after his encounter on the rooftop that fateful night.Nothing could have prepared him for what he witnessed. For a split second he thought he was hallucinating, but he soon found out that it was all too real.
Take a journey with Logan Shaw, as he battles the forces of evil, discovers places in his heart that he never knew existed, and finds a friend unlike any other.

Reviews: Nancy on Amazon wrote:

Really enjoyed this book! It was fast moving and exciting, a combination of adventure, romance, and Christian faith. It would be a good summer read, when you have the time to just sit and enjoy it without interruption. Once I started it, I didn't want to put it down. The main character is a hero who who attributes his strength to his faith and family. An inspirational and exciting book, and hope there are many more in this series!

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