Redrick Raccoon and the Christmas Mystery

Redrick Raccoon and the Christmas Mystery

by Karen Monteith

It's Christmas Eve in the tiny hamlet of Berry Hollow. The smells of gingerbread, apple cider, and roasted chestnuts fill the air, and the town Christmas tree awaits its decorations. Redrick Raccoon and Henley Groundhog are nearly ready for Christmas, but Henley needs help keeping a promise so that no one will miss out on the wonder and mystery of Christmas.

Join in and enjoy the close friendship and amiable banter of the forest animal friends as they embark on their heart-warming adventure to discover that a wondrous mystery lies at the heart of Christmas. This high-spirited and beautifully-illustrated children's book will engage the imaginations of young readers and listeners.

This delightful Christmas story portrays the merits of keeping one's promises, and the strength of friendship, kindness, and working together as a team while bringing to life a new world of lovable characters and beautiful forest scenes. At the same time, the story gently guides young readers to the true meaning of Christmas in the simplest terms. It's a cozy bedtime story for a cozy season.

You will find yourself wanting to dive into Berry Hollow, with its lovable characters and quaint charm, again and again, this Christmas, and for many to come.

Reviews: Guy E Hall on Amazon wrote:

I received Redrick Raccoon today from Amazon. I got it for my granddaughter. I really enjoyed reading about Redrick and his friends. I know my granddaughter will love it too. I hope she will want to read it ever year during the Christmas season!

Shannon Powell on Amazon wrote:

Loved this book and can't wait to give it to my kids for Christmas! I certainly hope that there will be more stories from this amazing author. Great book for the holidays!

sara allison on Amazon wrote:

wonderful book I enjoyed it and think it is the best Christmas book ever for children of all ages a must own.

About the author

by Karen Monteith

In 2009, I began writing children's stories as a hobby. In 2014, I started writing stories about a lovable, little raccoon named Redrick who is always eager to help his friends. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, so writing "Redrick Raccoon and the Christmas Mystery" seemed a natural step for me to take.

I hope that you enjoy reading about Redrick Raccoon and the other lovable characters of Berry Hollow, as much as I enjoyed writing about them. May they warm your heart and become a part of your Christmas holiday tradition for many years to come.

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