Promises to Theresa

Promises to Theresa

Book Cover: Promises to Theresa

by Marianne Komek

Sixteen-year-old Theresa Jarewski is an overachiever. She wants to get accepted into an Ivy League college and to be the outstanding editor of her high school newspaper. During vacation, she is caught up in the enchantment of a summer romance. Her dreams of a happy future are shattered when the girl suffers a devastating depression. Through the support of her family and friends, Theresa must learn how to recover. It is a compassionate depiction of one young woman's attempt to overcome a mental illness.

Reviews:Erika on Amazon wrote:

I just finished reading this book & it was very enlightening. In it, a young girl struggles with bipolar disorder. I know some people with bipolar disorder & this book helped me see it more through their eyes. This book is also very Catholic and gives examples of how the Church can help people struggling with mental illness. Anyone that is Catholic & knows someone with a mental disorder should read this just for the insights it gives on the way the patient’s mind works and the feelings of self-loathing come out as anger, frustration, and depression. I think those that are suffering from mental disorders would be encouraged to read this book as well just to find solidarity with someone else suffering.

The only thing I didn’t like was that the ending seemed kind of abrupt. Overall, I rate it 4 stars!

Roxanne Smith on Amazon wrote:

I was uncertain of a story with such strong Catholic emphasis, however, the overwhelming theme of the struggle with bipolar disorder was exceptionally well written.
Having dealt with this myself, the presentation of the thought process, as convoluted as it becomes, was very realistic. And the response from people who don't understand, though unfair is also very real.
I would recommend this book to help those in the throes of denial regarding their own mental illness or that of their loved ones.
I received this book free for an unbiased review.

Cherie Hunt on Amazon wrote:

absolutely LOVED this book. Right from the beginning it captured my attention and held it right to the very end. I really felt the roller coaster ride that she was on. I didn't see the character in the book, what I saw was myself. I felt like I was reading some of my life story. It made me laugh, cray, and think about things that I have done and could have done differently in my life. The author also touched on things that I struggle with every day, the main thing that I struggle with is maintaining a relationship with God. This is one book that I had a hard time putting down and was sad to see it end so soon.

I have received this copy as a free viewing and have given my review on a volunteer basis.

Marianne Komek is a freelance journalist whose articles have appeared in the National Catholic Register, the Catholic News Service, and The Catholic Spirit, the official newspaper for the diocese of Metuchen. She has also worked as a production editor and editorial assistant for publishers in New York City. Komek also tutored remedial English and taught ESL.

In her spare time, she enjoys fresh sea breezes during walks along the bay. There she likes watching teenagers play volleyball on the sand. Komek also enjoys ballet, opera, and watching excerpts of classic '40s and '50s Broadway musicals on the Internet.

She is a member of her hometown's Friends of the Library and Women's Club. Komek was a teenage youth minister as well as an adolescent and grade school catechist at her parish. She has served as a secretary of her church's Parish Council. Komek is presently the secretary for St. John Paul II Parish's Altar Rosary Society and handles the publicity for parish fundraising events. She was also the publicity chair for The Royal Garden Club By The Bay.

Komek serves on the Board of The Guild of St. Benedict Joseph Labre, which provides spiritual support for the emotionally troubled and mentally ill and their loved ones. She is a consecrated member of the International Apostolate of Schoenstatt. Her husband, Cabbar, is a professional photographer and media artist. They have a little sixteen-year-old dachshund, Pookie, who still thinks he's a puppy, especially when he begs for treats. They can't refuse him!

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