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Postmark from the Past – Christian Book Club

Postmark from the Past

Postmark from the Past

Book Cover: Postmark from the Past

by Vickie Phelps

In November 1989, Emily Patterson is enjoying a quiet life in West Texas. She lives in the same house she grew up in, has a great job and good friends. But emptiness nips at her heart. Then a red envelope appears in her mailbox. It’s a letter from Mark who declares his love for her and promises to come to her if he makes it home alive. But who is Mark? She flips the envelope over, but there is no return address and it is postmarked 1968. Over the next few days, more letters mysteriously appear in her mailbox and odd things start happening. Is someone playing a cruel joke? Her friends say it is the season for miracles. As Emily seeks to solve the mystery, can she risk her heart to find a miracle in the Postmark from the Past?

Reviews:Jessica Ferguson, Author, Speaker, Encourager on Amazon wrote:

I saw an excerpt of Postmark from the Past by Vickie Phelps on Facebook, I read it and was immediately hooked. I commented about the excerpt and the author blessed me with a pdf file in return for an honest review. For two days I was completely engrossed, couldn’t quit reading. Now, I’m the owner of not only the pdf file, but also a print copy as well as the ebook.

Postmark from the Past is the story of Emily Patterson who finds a red envelope in her mailbox, postmarked 20+ years earlier. If that doesn’t grab you, I don’t know what will! More letters appear and odd things begin to happen. As Emily solves her mystery, the reader can’t help grow fond of Phelps’ fictional West Texas characters who mind each other’s business.

This debut novel isn’t without a problem here and there, but Phelps’ storytelling skills are exceptional and will keep you reading to the very end. And then you’ll be like me, waiting impatiently for Phelps’ next novel.

Jo Huddleston on Amazon wrote:

When Emily receives a red envelope in her mailbox with a postmark from decades earlier, the mystery begins. Vickie Phelps writes an amusing story of small-town living, saturated with the secrecy surrounding Emily’s mysterious letters. The signature on the letters is only “Mark.” But who is Mark? Is romance in the air for Emily? The suspense will keep you turning pages until the very end. Great characterization and setting descriptions

katherine reese on Amazon wrote:

I just finished this lovely book. How I would like to be Emily! Such a wonderful story. I would recommend this to everyone. Being a resident of East Texas and know that Mrs. Phelps lives up here somewhere just made it that more special. K. Reese

About the Author...

Vickie is a native Texan and has been writing since 1988. She loves to mentor other writers and in 2009 founded the East Texas Christian Writer's Group which meets monthly for the purpose of encouraging and instructing writers in their pursuit of publication.

When she's not writing, Vickie loves nothing more than reading a good book or discussing them with other readers. She spent eighteen years working for an independent bookstore, first as a bookseller, then as manager and buyer for the store. She retired from the store in 2012 and writes fulltime from her home in the piney woods of East Texas.

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