One Truth: Science Discovers God

One Truth: Science Discovers God

Book Cover: One Truth: Science Discovers God

by Roger D. Barber

"The truth of science and the truth of God are never in conflict. When they appear to be it is due to erroneous science, misinterpreted scripture, or both."
William B. Menzies

“When I heard this statement some years ago I realized how clearly it exposes the false choice between science and God. As a Christian and an engineer, I am a student of both and I freely allow my understanding of one to inform that of the other.”

The application of modern technology has led to major advances in our understanding of the Universe and the origin and nature of life. In One Truth first-time author, Roger Barber brings an engineer’s perspective to the discoveries of science. Follow his journey as he surveys the assembly of the Universe from the “mother of all Lego sets” and then delves into the living world.

Scientists have discovered every living cell is operating much like a computer-aided manufacturing facility where digital design information is translated to a numerical code which directs machines that produce and assemble the parts of other machines and products. They have found numerous complex, molecular machines are performing integrated tasks under the control of phenomenal, information-processing systems in every cell, in every living thing on Earth, 24-7.

The author reviews recent discoveries of science and puts them together to form a picture of the Universe and life that reveals the greatest truth of science. How does the truth of this picture interact with the interpretation of Scripture? Does it reveal a false choice between the truth of science and the truth of God? What does it all mean personally?

Reviews: Bill P on Amazon wrote:

I have known Roger for the past few years and was delighted to learn that he had written a book. He is an excellent Bible teacher and Home Group leader. This book is a great overview of many of the issues that we face regarding science, scripture, and their relationship. This is an often controversial subject on both sides of the fence. This book is written from Christian perspective committed to creation. As Paul has said in Romans

"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power, and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse."

This small book does an excellent job of laying out an overview of the arguments and issues for creation, science, and intelligent design. The committed atheistic evolutionist will disagree with this book as will the committed young-earth creationist and is to be expected in our society today. Research the issues raised in greater detail if you question them and you will find that the author has done his homework.

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