My Valentine Heart

My Valentine Heart

Book Cover: My Valentine Heart

by Karen Meyer

Allannah considers her sister her biggest problem. It seems that Jacinta thinks up all kinds of reasons to interrupt her while she works on home-made valentines. This is why Allannah starts on this project already on Christmas day. Can a fifth-grader and a seventh- grader become best friends?

Reviews:Terri K wrote:

"As a librarian, I read a lot of books. Your book is really fun to read and the drawings are SO amazing!"

Sophie, grade school student wrote:

"My grandmother gave me your book. I couldn't put it down, so took it to school so I could read more there." ~

S.G., grade school teacher wrote:

"Your book reads well. I like the relationship between Jacinta and Allannah. I think siblings do act that way and feel that way about each other in real life sometimes. So, it's definitely relatable. I was surprised with some of the twists and turns. I bought two more of this book for friends."

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