Mercy’s Promise

Mercy’s Promise

Book Cover: Mercy's Promise

by Lynn Landes 

Glenn Ward needs a miracle. His wife is dying and leaving behind twin newborn sons. He returns from the war a changed man. Guilt stains his soul, and anger is growing in his heart.

Anika Coltrane needs a miracle of her own. After burying her husband and newborn daughter on the same day, she is in a desperate situation. How will she care for her six-year-old daughter?

An answered prayer brings two families together. Anika agrees to become a wet-nurse for the family. Delaney needs a safe place to grow up, away from sorrow and fear. Will they find shelter with the Ward family?

Two broken-hearted families must find a way to move past the pain and choose forgiveness. Will they feed the shadows growing in their hearts or allow God to heal their wounds?

Reviews:Barbara Stroxtile on Amazon wrote:

Great understanding of what happens to most men when they go off to war. War is a hellish experience to go thru and it does change you, many times it is not good. I thought the author's discussion on forgiveness was excellent and very sensitive to the understanding of what and how men deal with the traumas war they have just experienced. I liked the strong Christian attitude throughout the book.

Babs on Amazon wrote:

This is a wonderful story. It opens with a pregnant mother, Anika, her daughter, Delaney, and her abusive husband. Her husband throws her around and she loses her baby. Her husband leaves the house and goes to a bar where he gets into an argument and is killed. Now Anika is a widow with her young daughter, Delaney and needs to bury her husband and her baby who was born too soon. While at the funeral her doctor is summoned to the home of Glenn whose wife is dying of a heart condition. Since Anika and her daughter had gone to the funeral with the doctor and his wife and in order to save time they went with them while the doctor looked in on Glenn’s wife. She had given birth to twin sons two days earlier and because she could not nurse them they were not doing well and could not tolerate the milk from the cow. Anika agreed to nurse the babies to see if they would accept her milk. Glenn asked her if she would be willing to stay on with her daughter as a wet nurse for the babies. He would pay her and they would be given room and board as well. There were just a few errors such as a word missing in a sentence or a misspelled word such as desert for dessert nothing that would cause me to have to re-read sentences. This is a beautiful love story and as I turned the pages I did not want to stop. The love of family was so uplifting. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to read a clean lovely romance.

Lynn Landes is the Best Selling Author of the Mercy's Promise book. Her books span the spectrum of Romantic Fiction from paranormal, romantic suspense to Christian historic and fantasy. If you like clean romance, historic, fantasy, fairytale, temptation, and adventure be sure to check Lynn’s website for upcoming titles.

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