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Martha’s Story: A Sweet Amish Love Journey – Christian Book Club

Martha’s Story: A Sweet Amish Love Journey

Martha’s Story: A Sweet Amish Love Journey

Book Cover: Martha's Story: A Sweet Amish Love Journey

by Rose Jenster

Martha was raised in an Amish Community in Ohio and had a happy family life until Esther, her sister, left the community to marry an English man. She sorely missed her sister who was now shunned from the community. Martha began to spend time with an Amish man, Samuel, a widower who was seeking a wife. But, Martha continued to be haunted about her sister and became torn between the English and Amish worlds. Martha became friends with an English man and saw qualities he had that she deeply appreciated.

Martha's story shows her journey of faith, struggles with making difficult choices and insights into the meaning of family and love. The beauty of both the Amish and English worlds are revealed to her. Read about how she finds love and a happy ending in the face of her dilemma

Reviews: b. Jarrett on Amazon wrote:

This story was very well written and the author did an excellent job of explaining the trials and tribulations of an Amish family. I found it hard to put the book down as each emotional situation was different. The author described the experiences and difficult decisions in great detail and you felt like you were there with Martha. I would highly recommend this book for anyone interested in the Amish community.

cymom9324 7 on Amazon wrote:

The sign of an excellent author is the emotion she creates for her readers to feel. I did not like Samuel in the beginning, but I really felt for him in the end. I hope he gets a book for his story and a happy ever after. The heroine in this book went through a rough time over and over which made her stronger in her faith, her love, and her ability to make a major change in her life.
I have read a ton of Amish stories. I slightly got the idea that the Amish did not trust people from the outside world. This was the first book that I felt hate from the Amish people, most of us are religious people who work hard, love the Lord, each other, would not cheat, and care for others. Maybe the family acted that way because they only see the bad and that daughters left to join the outside world. I have always admired the Amish people and how they live. Maybe if an Amish person reads this review they would explain it in their review. Rose Jester is a good storyteller with a great storyline. I found some grammar errors but that is okay. Make sure you take time to read this book you will enjoy it and be enlightened on some issues.

Sheila on Amazon wrote:

This book was interesting from the beginning it was really hard to put down once I started reading your book.

Rose Jenster lived in upstate New York for many years. She's always been fascinated by the strength and courage of the women during the 19th century that moved out west to start a new life. In addition, she loves learning about and writing stories on the Amish Community. Rose has a deep interest in psychology and the dynamics of love. Writing books about the hardships and struggles of individuals that end in happiness is something that she enjoys bringing to readers.

Each novella shows the growth of the characters emotionally and spiritually as they overcome difficult family histories and find new joy through learning to love. Historical western fiction and Amish Romance are her favorite genres. Writing family-friendly books on sweet romance gives her much happiness.

When Rose Jenster isn't writing she enjoys gardening, reading psychology books and taking long walks.

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