Marie and Mr. Bee (Proverbs 12:14b Version)

Marie and Mr. Bee (Proverbs 12:14b Version)

Book Cover: Marie and Mr. Bee (Proverbs 12:14b Version)
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.49 USD

by Margaret Welwood

Marie is a happy little girl who lives in a cabin in the woods, working and playing with her forest friends . . . until a not-so-busy bee entices her to neglect her work! Compassion, forgiveness, and a forever friendship follow.

By the following summer, Mr. Bee is too old to fly. But every night, Marie lifts her little friend onto her lap and reads to him from the Book of John and the Book of Proverbs.

Marie uses a wheelchair, which is clear from the pictures. However, there is only one reference to the chair in the text--when she wheels the ailing Mr. Bee back to her cabin after his expulsion from the hive. Some people appreciate the fact that the disability is present without being the focus. Others are pleased to see someone with a disability in the role of rescuer.

Also available without Bible references as Marie and Mr. Bee.

Reviews:KAB on Amazon wrote:

Young readers will be so busy turning pages they won’t even realize they’re taking in some of life’s most valuable truths. . . . the power of choice, the treasure of friendship, the capabilities of “disabled” children, what kindness looks like. Marie and Mr. Bee confirms again the power of great story-telling to open up our world, teach us, and help us grow. Review by KAB

About the Author...

Margaret Welwood

Great Aunt Lily taught Margaret Welwood to read, her mother parked her in the book section of The Bay while she did her shopping, and her grade 12 English teacher encouraged her to write.

"So here we are *several* years later . . . "

Margaret has written more than 100 traditionally published magazine and newspaper articles. She also edited a diabetes education guide that won first place in the reference category of the Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards (2010).

And sh taught English as a Second Language for years with stories as a mainstay.

Now a new door has opened into Storyland . . . the world she is exploring with her grandchildren. Her first picture book for children, Sicissortown, is the only one, as far as she knows, that offers a choice of inside back cover. Marie and Mr. Bee offers a choice of last page.

Little Bunny's Own Storybook is a celebration of libraries, literacy, family, and the initiative and creativity of children (both human and rabbit).

She encourages young readers and writers--her website features stories and art by children 7-12 years old. You may wish to check out some of their interesting and colorful creations.

A weekly storytime with young children as well as time spent with her grandchildren has made for some interesting discoveries about children's literature. She blogs about these discoveries and reviews her top picks on Goodreads and other sites.

Locally, she helps adults improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills one-on-one. She also offers editing and proofreading services.

  • Marilyn Friesen

    Okay so here I am strolling back and forth looking for a certain little ‘buy me’ type of button. How is it that I happen to have met Ms Welwood and even had the chance to see her lovely books but they aren’t sitting in my bookshelf? They have such lovely pastel-hue covers which is so different from the garish colours and designs smeared all over many children’s “books. I am eager to share the stories also with my wonderful grandchildren.
    Hey Margaret shall we meet you at Timmy’s once again or can you offer them for sale right here?

    1. Jann Martin

      Hi Marilyn, Thank you for your question. You can click on the Amazon button under the picture of the cover of Marie and Mr. Bee to purchase your book.

    2. Margaret Welwood

      Yes, you can click on the button and buy them from Amazon. But if you haven’t bought them yet and would like them personally autographed to your grandchildren, please e-mail or call me.

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