Low Back Pain Program

Low Back Pain Program

Book Cover: Low Back Pain Program

by Sherwin Nicholson

An easy to use, illustrated, step-by-step, exercise guide, carefully designed to teach you how to relieve your pain. Regain much-needed freedom and stability while learning how to protect your back from: pain, spasms, tightness, soreness, morning pain, pain when standing or sitting and more.

With your Kindle copy, you can learn the essential ways to move, stretch and strengthen the most neglected areas yet major causes of pain: your lower back, hips, and legs. Follow non-surgical, non-medicinal, and safe methods for all ages and lifestyles. A must for those currently struggling with pain, who want to prevent it from returning and would like to reduce their dependency on medication and surgery.

The key and success to the program comes from learning over 20 unique exercises and techniques developed and integrated along with specific standard back exercises.

Included in this series of low-risk stretches and movements are over 170 detailed illustrations, 3 treatment and conditioning levels, 1 maintenance level and 4 progress charts.

Restore proper mobility and function to your lower back, hips, legs and pelvis, allowing time to heal and recover. The first 13 'Limited Mobility Exercises' help to improve your flexibility and address your stiffness and tightness that contribute to, and worsen lower back pain. 19 'Progressive Exercises' then stimulate, develop, and strengthen the muscles and joints necessary for protecting the lower back from injury. 13 'Challenging Exercises' are then taught to retrain you how to move safely and proactively to prevent pain. The final 11 'Maintenance Exercises’ that you master are used seamlessly with your daily routine as needed, to remain protected.

This eBook is founded on the methods of exercise therapy, physiotherapy, lower back pain and injury rehabilitation. Learn in your home, at your pace and comfort level. As a much needed alternative to common exercises and stretches unable to resolve pain, you’ll protect yourself with these movements as your physical needs change with age and lifestyle.

If you suffer from acute or chronic lower back pain and are not sure how to resolve it, this eBook can help you. Many issues related to back pain are the result of muscular and joint imbalances that you can self-correct through these targeted movements and exercises.

A family doctor's consent is advised prior to starting this program.

Reviews: John on Amazon wrote:

I have tight hips and hamstrings. I thought that I knew how to stretch properly, I was wrong. The book is full of exercises from basic to advanced, which have helped me get a better pelvic rotation, and help recondition my body to prevent low back pain due to tight and under-used muscles. I think of it as yoga for inflexible people. The best book I've seen on the subject, I've only been using it a few weeks, but absolutely love it. Would highly recommend to anyone with tight hips and hamstrings, who may be experiencing low back pain due to muscle imbalance.

thomas j lochmoeller on Amazon wrote:

Just starting (one month) on his program and I am finding it a lifesaver. Also Sherwin Nicholson responds to e-mails and has answered several questions that I had. The exercises and stretches have already strengthened the muscles and lessened the tightness in my back. My pain has pretty much gone away. I am learning new ways to exercise and have discontinued some old ways. I am looking forward to continuing into the book as I am really just getting started. For the first time in years I have hope for dealing with the problems I have faced with my lower back.

Through this book I am leaning things I always suspected but didn't know how to do -which is how to strengthen and loosen your back-- in essence your "core"-and thereby exercise your way to better back health and health in general

Kathy on Amazon wrote:

This book is great for me. I don't want to hear a million stories blah blah just want to have good pictures large enough to see and read, and get t
Right to it. This was perfect for me and it is working after only two times there was a huge difference.

About the Author...

Sherwin Nicholson has been a Medical Research Scientist for over 20 years. He has specialized in the field of Vascular Surgery Research at the Toronto General Hospital and Stereotaxic Brain Surgery and the Hospital for Sick Children.

Through his scientific background, he has developed safe, tested and proven exercises and stretches key for effective treatment. This book has become a foundation for many suffering from acute and chronic lower back pain. It is illustrated in a step by step, instructional, exercise, form to help those in need of treatment for acute and chronic lower back pain. The techniques are designed to treat those suffering from a range of conditions including morning back pain, back spasms, stiffness, hip pain, pain from sitting and much more.

Overcoming severe lower back pain issues himself for more than 10 years, he is committed to helping others who suffer from lower back pain with his informational website and instructional guide. His guide is designed to provide long term relief and to address the immediate pain and mobility concerns that discourage people from more conventional methods of exercise for pain. Reviews and testimonials (available on the site) have been overwhelmingly positive.

The eBook is based on safe, careful, and scientifically sound exercises developed over a three year period to be used at home. A wealth of information about lower back pain can be found at his website www.lowbackpainprogram.com

He holds an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology from the University of Toronto. He lives in Aurora, Ontario with his wife and children.

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