Love Covers

Love Covers

Book Cover: Love Covers

by Julia David 

The town of Greenlock shuns the daughter of the mortician. Day after day, Lauren begrudgingly has to take over her father's duties creating despondence in her tender heart.

Then a voice speaks from the morgue basement. A rough and tumble outlaw who's supposed to be dead is still alive! For some unfathomable reason, Lauren agrees to help him stay dead.

Elias was raised at Lennhurst Asylum. Since he had no family or future, he jumped a half-served prison sentence and enlisted in the recent Civil War to wield explosives. From running and surviving all his life, all Elias promised anyone was loyalty. Love was out of the question. When Lauren mentions her longing to see her mother and sister in Colorado, for loyalty’s sake, he offers to take her on the arduous wagon train journey. Of course, it wouldn't be proper not to be married while traveling together. Lauren and Elias, so vastly opposite; their charade should be easy and yet they never expected it to threaten their very lives.

Reviews:ZanneDee on Amazon wrote:

I had some disappointing reads by big authors and big publishing houses, and I wanted to try someone totally new. I even got this for free. And wow, it hooked me from the very beginning! Awesome plot, great chemistry of the hero and heroine. I can overlook a few errors in favor of an emotionally gripping tale and romance. loved this book! I couldn't put it down! I'll be glad to buy more by this author.

Lucy2B on Amazon wrote:

What a story, I was caught up in it immediately.
What a dark beginning and what joyful end. Everything that God allows to come into our lives He will use for our good and His glory if we trust Him and allow Him to

mary fitzgerald on Amazon wrote:

I don’t usually write reviews. This is a wonderful warm Christian romance without overwhelming you with preaching. I just speaks of loving and acceptance of others right where they are at. This is one I will keep in my library to read over again and I don’t do that very often

Julia David is an avid journal writer, published romance author, serial DIY'er and certified life coach. Addicted to Hallmark movies and baking, she believes it's crucial to have some predictable things in life. Her tag line 'escape to an era where true love prevails' was from her own reason for reading stacks of books.
Married and mother to five, she also ministers to pregnant and parenting teens.

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