Living in Sync: with Your God-Given Design

Living in Sync: with Your God-Given Design

Book Cover: Living in Sync: with Your God-Given Design

by Carolyn Thomson Twaddle

By reading Living in Sync with Your God-Given Design you'll be able to:

  • Discover fresh insights about yourself and the world you live in, leading to a whole new way of thinking
  • Uncover how truly practical and relevant your design is for everyday life
  • Connect the dots in a way that helps make sense out of life
  • Answer your deeper questions about life, faith, and finding meaningful purpose
  • Find the path leading to profound and lasting change in your life

When life begins to feel overwhelming, or you simply need some direction and extra encouragement, Living in Sync becomes your go-to-book that helps you get your life back on course.

Get ready to see how much better your life can be when you live it as it was designed to be lived. Your life will never be the same!

Reviews:Lynnea W. on Amazon wrote:

With broad strokes author, Carolyn Twaddle paints a vivid picture of the kind of life God intends for each of us. Touching on an array of well-researched topics, the author lays out side by side the cultural stresses that impact our lives as compared to God's original design. Each topic is supported with evidence-based in physiology, psychology and biblical truth. As disparate as these things appear, the author gives us a strategy for connecting us to our full potential. Her encouraging voice coupled with her "Call to Action" segment at the end of each chapter puts useful tools right into our hands for success. Living in Sync with Your God-Given Design is filled with knowledge, wisdom, practical application and faith. An inspiring read for those seeking a life well lived just as it was originally designed.

Pam C on Amazon wrote:

This is an excellent book!! If you have been living a life where sadness and chaos seem to be more prevalent than happiness and peace then this is a book for you. There is a lot of research that has gone into the writing, especially in the first few chapters. If you are not a research kind of person don't let this sway you from purchasing... the first few chapters are the base (identifying God's design for us) for the following chapters. I especially liked the chapter on "What We Think". I have personally lived this... going from a life filled with negativity to finding the positive in the different chapters of my life. Allow the wisdom in this book to change your life!!

Cheryl on Amazon wrote:

During the face of adversity, we often feel that God is not near. That He has somehow forgotten us, or better yet, we've forgotten Him. It's easy to lose sight of His face and His glory when the world is throwing us around and pushing our buttons, some buttons we didn't even know we had, but Ms. Twaddle gently, and with foundational research, shows us that God has not left us and surely wants what is best for us. He has created a life specific to the person he made us to be. If you have gone through life's trials (and who hasn't) and wondered how to pick yourself back up and keep moving, then this book is for you. You will feel refreshed and ready to face the world knowing God has a plan that will outshine anything you could have ever hoped for yourself.

Carolyn Thomson Twaddle recently relocated to the greater Austin area. She is a mother to four and nana to six, and she knows first-hand that life isn't always easy. She knows the demands of being an entrepreneur, the stress and responsibility of being a single parent, the pressures of financial hardship, and what it's like to live with chronic pain and compromised health.

Yet in the midst of it all, her deep love for Jesus and people come through. She's been told that she's a source of quiet strength and that she provides a soft place to land. She's a deep thinker who also loves simplicity and the practical side of life. This unique combination of grace and compassion, strength and softness, along with depth and down-to-earth-practicality all come together in her writing.

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