Lawfully Wild

Lawfully Wild

Book Cover: Lawfully Wild

by Ginny Sterling

Melanie Strow is supposed to be returning from the trip of a lifetime before school resumes for the fall. When a bag is left near her feet while going through customs, she is immediately chased by a K9 officer under the premise that she might be attempting to smuggle drugs into the country. When in fact, the only thing she is carrying is a stomach bug that lands her in the hospital.

Reviews:drp6149 on Amazon wrote:

On summer vacation, school teacher Melanie, goes on a cruise to relax. She catches a stomach bug and is sick, as she disembarks from the ship (still very sick) and is almost immediately arrested as a narcotics smuggler. She is taken to a hospital (still under arrest) and spends several days getting better. Jason, the officer who arrested her stops in to check up on her. You can read the rest for yourself, I don't want to ruin it for you. There are twists, turns, surprises and and at last a HEA. This is an honest review -- I have read several of the "Lawfully --" books and I think this is the best one yet

M.K. on Amazon wrote:

A sweet romantic story of how Melanie Strowe was talked into a vacation with some fellow teachers that left both her and her savings account empty. She spent her time on the ship bent in half and the view from the gurney inside the infirmary was less than memorable. She just wanted to get back to the states and back to her bed. She wished she had let her gut feelings talk her out of this wild idea that she did to try to break her nickname of old woman.

K-9 Officer Jason Wild and his partner Sheba spent their days watching the people coming into the states through customs. The people's actions were watched and the luggage was sniffed by Sheba as they waited in line. Melanie had already fell far behind her friends, if you could actually call them that. As she watched them clear customs and wave as they left her there alone she started to feel ill again but tried to remain in the line to hurry on through customs. But the gentle suggestion that she tried to ignore screamed at her to run as fast as she possible could. As she jumped out of line running for dear life, Officer Wild seen a unattended diaper bag that he assumed was hers but when he told her she had left her bag and she did not stop that caused some concern especially when Sheba hit on it. Melanie was being yelled at to stop, but her gut instinct told her the outcome of waiting would be worst than her going on into the bathroom. When she finally emerged the customs officers were impatiently waiting guns drawn to arrest her almost lifeless body.

When Melanie awoke she was in the hospital and seeing the handsome customs officer in her room made her think she was under arrest and he was there to watch her. She was less than congenial to him when he explained that it was a mistake and that he just felt bad to leave her there alone. She made sure to try to make him feel as sorry as she could for what he put her through. When the hospital finally allowed her to be released, there was Officer Wild and Sheba waiting to take her home or to pick up her car at the airport parking lot to show his concern for her. She kept telling him you just did not know who to trust as he finally got her into his cruiser and Sheba in the back. He drove her to pick up her car and as her luck kept running it was sitting on a near flat. No respectable officer would allow a sick woman to be dropped off next to a car that was not able to drive. All her excuses went unheard as Officer Wild jumped out to change the tire and make sure it would start. Melanie thought at that point he would leave her alone, but he wanted to follow her home to make sure she made it safely.

Jason told Melanie that he would like to have coffee the next day. Melanie finally agreed to meet him there. She had no idea that such a handsome man could be interested in her and what God had planned for both of them for years to come that started from her gut instinct.

The epilogue said it perfectly in that her gut instincts put her at the right place at the right time and that their hasty elopement to Vegas which was such a wild place to go to be married just proved how Jason was her wildman from the beginning and on through the years to follow.

Jason and Melanie on Amazon wrote:

I loved book especially the part where Melanie has caught a parasite and she has also named Stanley. As Melanie is trying to go through security, the guy behind her has a diaper bag so they talk and she asks how his baby is but when he sees security coming he drops the bag and Melanie is trying to get out of line because she is going to be sick again and she gets into the bathroom but the officers pound on the door and when she comes out she passes out. When Melanie wakes up she is being loaded into the ambulance and the next time she wakes up on the hospital and Jason is waiting there for her with Sheba his partner. They begin to talk with each other and then start fall in love with each other. What a beautiful story.

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