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Knowledge Unto Relationship – Christian Book Club

Knowledge Unto Relationship

Knowledge Unto Relationship

A Biblical Destiny

Book Cover: Knowledge Unto Relationship

by Jeffery L. Romine

We live in a day of advanced technology, but what lies behind it is applied knowledge. Knowledge is a sweeping term, serving as a common denominator undergirding science, philosophy, theology and the list goes on. It speaks to the condition of learnedness as opposed to merely opinion, or its absence, ignorance. Christianity is knowledge based too. Like pursuing a philosophic line of reasoning, this book engages the biblical trajectory that follows from the Tree of Knowledge. Drawing upon the great thinkers, topics such as the great debate over faith and reason, postmodernism, law in the confines of covenant, justice in the context of dominion, and the role of the Holy Spirit are addressed, distilling out key components related to knowledge, showing how the path forward leads into covenant-relationship.

Reviews:Editorial Review on Kirkus wrote:

Kirkus Review

Romine's impressive nonfiction debut is a comprehensive and lucid examination of the complicated role of knowledge--as both a category and a process--in the Christian faith structure.
The dichotomy at work here is elemental; the author deftly explains that formal reasoning has its limits...
But Romine intriguingly elaborates on the concept of external, objective truth...

A complex and detailed call for Christians to embrace the knowledge of their faith.

About Jeffrey L. Romine

Are you looking for biblical guidance to navigate through controversy? Jeffrey L. Romine Ph.D. is a research scientist turned author who strives to show the biblical aim of knowledge itself. Knowledge unto Relationship is both an apologetic to scientists, intending to offer a basis for understanding the Gospel, and an aid to Pastors in our technologically driven society.

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