Know You’re Not Alone

Know You’re Not Alone

Book Cover: Know You're Not Alone

by Stacy Manning Casaluci

This endearing story is about a mother and her two sons, who must say goodbye to the father when he leaves on a military mission. The brothers, Cory and Kyler, continue their lives, uncertain when their father will return home.

One night their guardian angel appears and says, “I know how you’re feeling, but you must have faith and keep on believing. Even when you think you're all on your own, remember, and know you’re not alone.”

The boys listen to their angel and accept things the way they are, finding ways to be happy. Even though things aren’t how they want them to be, they have faith their father will be able to come home. The question is, “When?”

Reviews: rdzemo on Amazon wrote:

Two young brothers, Cory and Kyler live in their home, a fortress that overlooks the sea with everything they need. Their mother's love is all there for them, plus they have lots of books to read and toys to play with. But the two kids miss their father who is away on a military mission. They miss him and that makes them sad. Then one night, an angel appears to them and advises them to keep on believing. When they see a plane flying in the sky, they are thrilled by the site and wonder how great it can feel like to fly a plane.... then someone drops off the plane and on a parachute. To their utter delight, it is their father.

There is a lot in store for kids in this book. The colorful illustrations, the easy-to-understand poetic style of writing, and the fun world of Cory and Kyler. The author paints a beautiful world for kids to navigate and while she makes them know that life isn't always sunny, she proposes a path to deal with pain and the sense of loss: turn to their spiritual allies to find hope. It is a very inspiring and entertaining tale that will make for a gorgeous gift for your kid.

Julia on Amazon wrote:

This cute book would be a great tool for helping kids whose parents are often absent due to work. It features two boys who miss their father and a guardian angel who wants to help them.

Stacy Manning Casaluci always loved reading bedtime stories to her children.

In "Know You're Not Alone," her two sons are the brothers, Cory and Kyler. As boys, they enjoyed learning about the different branches of the military, and it's the reason the father in the book goes on a Special-Ops mission. She says, "I'm inspired by the people serving in the military and the families who live apart from their loved ones."

In her first book, "Miracles Love a Believer," her daughter is the Princess Cirina Marie. Both stories have guardian angels who watch over the children, bringing them comfort, guidance, and protection. The author lives with her husband in Palm Desert, California, and continues to participate in the arts, acting, and writing.

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