In the Flesh

In the Flesh

Book Cover: In the Flesh

by Michael Gabriele

Experience Jesus' life through HIS eyes in this compelling, first-person novel that holds true to the Gospels, all from our Hero's own perspective. Prepare to walk in the sandals of a life you never completely contemplated. Dare to endure a sacrifice you never ventured to appreciate. Savor a love you will never fully fathom.

Relive the greatest story ever told through the eyes of the one who cured the incurable and walked on water ... who challenged both religious and political establishments ... who suffered all the brutality of a Roman crucifixion ... and who victoriously abandoned his tomb. Let Jesus lead you through a riveting adventure that deeply explores his personal thoughts, joys, fears, frustrations, even his most profound prayers as he walked this earth in the flesh - fully divine and fully human, on a mission to save mankind.
IN THE FLESH - MY STORY transcends the conventional to uncover a raw, unrestrained, fast-moving exclusive - the most influential figure in human history personally telling his side of the story.
Reviews:Jomarkind on Amazon wrote:

I was very skeptical of this book. Who among us dares to know the thoughts of our Lord! And there were times in the reading where I knew it had strayed from the sacred scriptures but it was a logical variance and easily in the realm of possibility. My faith is stronger from having read this book which follows the gospel account of the ministry of Christ through the most agonizing and realistic account of crucifixion. It’s the first person account of timeless love which overcomes even the finality of death and the grave. Skeptics such as I can read this without fear of having our beliefs insulted.

Harry Geib, SJ on Amazon wrote:

I commend Michael Gabriele for writing this novel through the eyes of Jesus. This account begins with Jesus leaving Mary his mother in Nazareth and going out alone. Michael Gabriele helps us to feel what Jesus must have felt throughout his ministry. In this first -person account, looking at the Gospels through the eyes of Jesus himself, I found myself frequently saying to myself things like "Of course, Jesus must have felt that way" in a particular situation in the Gospel or "I never thought about this Gospel scene in that way before." I found "In the Flesh - My Story" a fascinating read and a great help for my own prayer life. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to know Jesus on a more human, personal level.

Debra Harrell on Amazon wrote:

Got this for myself, started reading it, and could not stop crying. I then bought another copy and had it sent to my
brother, who likes to take a book with him to Starbuck's every morning. He told me he can't do that with this book
because he ends up crying all the time (apparently not a good look for a 63 year-old man sitting alone in Starbuck's).
I've now purchased another copy for another brother. This book is a real gem, and I highly recommend it!!!!!!!

About the author

Michael Gabriele is a graduate of Loyola University Maryland. ​He received first-place honors at the Hollywood Film Festival for ​fiction writing and has been a professional writer for more than 25 years.

  • danny lee

    how do I get hold of the book and the cost of the book

  • Gina Burgess

    Hi Danny,
    Click on the Buy button of the eBook excerpt, or click on the Amazon logo under the book’s image upper left. 🙂

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