I Get You

I Get You

How communication can change your destination

Book Cover: I Get You
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by Warren Tate

ood and effective communication is the key to success. I GET YOU offers a practical approach to unlocking your communication super powers.

We use between 16,000 and 45,000 words every day. So communication must be easy, right? Wrong. We’re constantly competing with the internet, social media, email, lack of time and the general noise of life.

Are our messages being heard and understood? Do we stop and really listen to others?

When was the last time you practised and improved your face to face communication skills?

How you communicate in sales presentations, sales meetings, social occasions, networking or when meeting people for the first time can influence your outcomes dramatically.

I GET YOU helps you to transform your business communications and personal communications so your messages are clear and meaningful. Use its strategies to become more in influential, develop stronger relationships and change your destination.

Experienced speaker and mentor, Warren Tate, takes you on a journey of continued development with every chapter. He makes complex, scientific-based principles simple to understand, so you can clarify your message. He also reminds us that communication is two-way. Consider the listener as well as your message. Warren shows how successful face-to-face communication can be learned and mastered.

Reviews:E. Theodore Aranda on Amazon wrote:

I've never felt confident with my communication skills. So most of my life was spent listen and watching others, admiring the way some people seemed so comfortable in different social gatherings.

"I Get You" is straightforward, easy to read and well studied on the topic. He draws from multiple sources and compiles it into useful, actionable information. A good balance of theory and practice.

I was so relieved to find the chapter on Mimicking. It validated everything I thought to be true about non-verbal communication. If you're a perpetual wallflower, then this book is for you!

Louise on Amazon wrote:

A very helpful and practical guide to better communication in the workplace or in private life. As a Life Skills Coach/counselor, communication is something I have been paying attention to for a while now, but Warren's book surprised me with new information! I can happily recommend this book to anyone who is looking for effective communication tools.

Nina Engstrand on Amazon wrote:

This is a practical and inspiring book how to become a master of communication! The author provides great information how to improve your speaking skills and also the highly imortant listening skills. The importance of knowing your Why was a great eye opener to me as was the importance getting your message across with a well structured story. This book contains so much helpful information and advice and I highly recommend it to anybody wanting to improve your skills and become a great communicator and listener!

About the Author...

WARREN TATE has worked in the real estate industry for over twenty years. As a past CEO and Director of a boutique franchise business he doubled its size, has won numerous awards and delivered over 1,500 coaching sessions to experienced and new agents entering the profession.

He is hands-on in the market place, attending listing presentations, meeting with vendors and landlords, and auctioning properties most Saturdays. 'I believe you cannot drive performance if you are not in the lounge rooms with the people selling their property and understanding their concerns and providing outstanding results for these clients.'

Real estate is a tough industry, one where only the best communicators survive and thrive. However simply talking is not enough, saying what you believe people want to hear is definitely not the way to survive. It takes a deeper understanding of people, how they communicate and
how they think, to effectively create lasting relationships.

There is a huge gap between the good and the great, and it comes down to being the best communicator. This can be said about any industry or profession and is true for anyone who would like to improve their position in business, in their personal life or in their social life. The better your communication and understanding of others, the greater your opportunities to grow.

A Certified Speaking Coach, Warren has spent countless hours of study and research into understanding the psychology, biology and behavioural science behind how people think and communicate. This research and learning forms the foundation for this book I Get You. In its chapters you will discover that how we communicate is complicated and truly amazing. When you understand the key elements to how we communicate and how your message can be delivered with clarity the majority of the time, your life and outcomes will be changed forever.

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